Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughn – In Session…

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Albert King w/ Stevie Ray Vaughn – In Session…

2010, Stax

Rating: 4.5/5

Back in 1983 two of the greatest Blues guitarists sat down in Hamilton, Ontario at CHCH studios for what was to become this IN SESSION… CD/DVD release many, many years later. These two guitar icons are no longer with us but this recording will always be complete with some of the between song chatting.

This recording unfortunately features only one Stevie song, and a trio of King’s. The remainder of the song’s they perform are pretty well known covers. Regardless of who’s material is being performed or who you are a fan of, the performances are nothing short of amazing. Just hearing them play together and and talking shows how real and special they really were. Weather it is trading off licks or soloing this is a Blues masterpiece. The in-between small talk and little stories give a more personal meaning to the songs. There is just something about hearing the these little bits of talking that draws you in a little deeper.

IN SESSION… is one of the best historical Blues guitar releases to come our way in awhile. It’s a long overdue recording that would be well suited to an all analog LP issue. It has that warmth that is lost in most of today’s recordings.