Nekroosio (EP) – S/T

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Reviewed: January 2011
Released: 2010, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Nekroosio is a sort of Finnish ´extreme Metal fun project´ that features a bunch of relatively known members from some other more established Finnish Metal acts. They want to hide their real names from the public´s eye – hence the artistic nicknames such as Christian Slayer and Emmanuel “Höylä” Gorgoroth (ha-ha… long live such positively bad taste).

Musically this 5-song output offers a hybrid of Thrash and Death Metal, the music mostly leaning toward Thrash Metal´s direction while at the same time the growling vocals bringing in this Death Metal element on this opus.

Nekroosio´s topics in lyrics deal with religion, sexual perversions (child molesting priests – this as one of their many examples of perversions) and the rottenness of today´s society. The band´s Thrash/Death Metal comes out pretty Slayer-ish riff-wise for the most part, which appeals to the old Slayer fan that I am. The opening track, titled “Kuoropojan Kosto”, on the other hand, reminds me occasionally of later era Cannibal Corpse in which some Slayer-esque riffs push out determinedly like the heads of hungry maggots in Christ´s decaying corpse.

Nekroosio has made a good attempt on this 5-track offering to do something worthy of your time. Even if some people may consider them more or less some sort of a parody act, they seem to take their music seriously that can be clearly heard through the 5 songs they have recorded for this EP. The hooky riffs, somewhat catchy tempo changes, occasional, not-so-pro solos, etc., they are all here – and a crisp production more than supports the band´s brutal crusade to wipe off all perverted priests and other so-called ´holy icons´ from the face of the Earth.

Overall, a pretty pleasant surprise in here especially if you want to enjoy your daily juice of Metal with a strong flavor of Slayer-esque riffs and stuff.


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Track Listing:
01. Kuoropojan Kosto
02. Surmarasia
03. Vasaramurha
04. Nekrofiliaa!!!
05. Kalman Sinetti

Saakeli Of Filth – Vokills
Christian Slayer – Guitar
Martin Mayhem – Guitar
George Venom – Bass
Emmanuel \”Höylä\” Gorgoroth – Drums