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Interview with Ross "The Boss" Friedman

Conducted by Robert Williams

Editing courtesy of Sandra Torres

Ross "The Boss" Friedman is undoubtebly one of the most important guitar players in American heavy metal. Having been the original guitarist for Manowar during the band’s most classic time period, Ross’ name will forever be associated with facemelting, larger than life, guitar pyrotechnics. Now performing with his own band, the legendary axeman released the return to form, comeback album "New Metal Leader" in 2008 through AFM Records and promptly followed that record with the excellent recently released  "Hailstorm" album. Ross recently took some time away from the batting cages in New York to chat over the phone with and bring us up to speed with his band’s plans for the immediate future as well as touching base  on quite a few other aspects of his lengthy career in metal.