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Music Diablo – Guitarists André NM


Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

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The Brazilian thrash act Music Diablo released their brilliant debut album MUSIC DIABLO in Europe in May of 2010. When I heard the band’s music I got really interested  and thought that an interview was in order. I hooked up with guitarist André NM so he could cast light over the band and their music. Even though the band’s lead singer is Derrick Green the music doesn’t have a lot in common with Sepultura. If you’re into Brazilian heavy music make sure to check out André’s other band Nitrominds.


Hi André how are you today?

Hey man I’m fine

I thought that we might begin talking about the new album of Music Diablo that came earlier this year simply called MUSIC DIABLO.

Yeah of course we can do that.

How long did it take you to write music and lyrics to the album and how long did it take to record the disc?

We started in 2008 and it was long process. When we saw it we already wrote like almost 20 songs. It was fast  we use to work fast especially because Me and the Drummer Edu used to play together more than 20 years, so.. we did all instruments in one week and vocals one more week.

Who writes the music and lyrics in the band and what are the lyrics about?

At that time I basically came up with main riffs and Derrick wrotes the lyrics. He has a hardcore punk rock heart and all the lyrics contains political and his point of view of many things about this world, like politics, religion etc,etc.


Did you write many songs to the album and were there many that didn’t made it on to the final edition of the disc?

We have 3 songs left on this album and maybe we’re gonna use those songs on the next album.

Who has done the cover art work and what do you think of it?

Gustavo Sazes is his name, he lives in São Paulo city and he’s a good friend of our manager in DK. He also did cover arts for some bands like Arch Enemy.


How come you chose to name the album after the band?

Well, we didn’t have any name better than Musica Diablo to start this record…hehehe

Have you shot a video to any of the songs on the album?

No, we didn’t. All happened so fast for us we just put out the demo on MySpace and many offers suddenly showed up and also Derrick is always on tour with Sepultura so it’s hard to plan this kind of things. We just put out the record and hit the road in Europe before playing in Brazil.

How would like to describe what kind of music the band plays? In my ear does the music sound like old school thrash metal music.


Yes totally, we play old school thrash influenced by hardcore.

I think that your music have a lot of similarities with how the old Sepultura sounded. Are Sepultura an influences of yours?

Could be but I can say we have Sepultura like 0,0001% of our influences.

Have you read any reviews in the press yet? Do you care about what the critics say about your work?

Yes I care. Most part of the time we had good reviews some bad ones, you know. I think many people started to listen to our CD with Sepultura in mind and Derrick is just the singer of Sepultura. On Musica Diablo he does totally different work most part of reviews got the MD spirit and it’s really nice.


How has the fans responded on MUSIC DIABLO?

Oh it’s being great people like the band. I think some people would like to see Sepultura doing what we are doing. Fans have great respect of Derrick but when they go and see us live they get a thrash metal band powerful and loud music and they liked a lot. In Brazil the band get on the spots really fast and we get more and more offers to play.

Production and studiowork

Where did you record the album and was all of the members gathered at the same time in the studio?

Yes, we live in São Paulo and we went to Rio de Janeiro 450 km away and we all went there in January except for Derrick he was in Europe with his wife and kid. also Andre Curci, who just joined in December 2009 in the band was with us.

How come you chose to record in Tambor Studios?

I have a Hardcore band called Nitrominds with Edu, the drummer, Rafael Ramos, owner of Tambor Studios already produced one record of us and we like him, the way he works and his studio is fantastic.

I know that you recorded the vocals in another studio, why?

Money and logistic, it was cheaper bring Rafael to São Paulo than us again to Rio also Derrick has a really tight schedule it was better for everybody.

Who did produce the album?


Rafael Ramos, famous Brazilian producer.

How come you chose to work with Ramos and what is his strongest feature as producer do you think?

He is not the strongest producer for metal but we believed he could do a good job.

Do you think that you’re gonna work more with Ramos in the future?

I don’t think we’re gonna do the next job in Brazil, maybe some European producers might be interested in us now but it all depends on time schedules, money, etc.

Who has done the mixing and mastering of the album and did any of the members take part of that process?

Rafael did and we kept follow him all the time he used to send the files via sendspace for us to listen to it  and pointed what we really wanted, luckily nowadays you don’t need to be in the place, online you can do a lot.

Are you happy with the outcome of the album now that you look back on it?

Yes, I’m happy with all. As a musician I always say, well, this part could be better, this guitar sound could be like this or like that.. anyway I think it’s natural.



Was it easy for the band to land a record deal?

As I said, everything has happened so fast, manager, label, shows, etc,etc, at that time we thought SAOL could be the label. They are honest and really good on marketing and it was we needed because you know, we have the Sepultura singer, right? But it didn’t mean shit. We’re brand new band and we must mark our spot, less than 2 years working we have released in Europe, Latin America and 1 tour in Europe, that’s a lot for a unknown band.


Were there many labels that showed an interest in the band?

Some, yes, but you know, labels with upfront money is really hard to get nowadays especially when you have a brand new band like us you have to start from zero and there are not so many labels are able to do that.

Which label did you sign on for and are you happy with the work that the label have put into the album and the band?

Saol and CMM Marketing, they are great

You also work with CMM Marketing a promotion agency here in Europe how is it to work with them do you think?

They update me all the time they spread the name around advertise and distribute the CDs, what else?


For how many albums are you signed for and are you also co-operating with any management or booking agency?

Just for one till now we have a manager in Denmark, Tommy of CBBM he used to live in Brazil working for EMI years ago and he started his agency and he have us, Onslaught, Chain Fist, Gamma Bomb and Girls school. He’s the person in charge in Europe to keep running our shit, now we are with MAD Booking in Berlin and we’re going on tour with them in Feb 2011.

Is the album released world wide physically? I mean not for downloading.

Sure, Europe (Saol) Argentina and distro Latin America by Del Imaginario and Brazil by Voice Music, we’re still working on US deal.


When was the band founded and was it easy to find members?

Founded in 2008 and yeah pretty easy the ex-drummer Marco had a bar near my place and we used to hang there once, twice a week. Me and the bass player Brigas was there and we’re talking about form a thrash metal band. I have a hardcore band but me and them used to play metal in the 80’s. I formed my first metal band when I was 12 and stopped when I was 20. Marco joined a famous Hardcore band in Brazil called Dead Fish and had to leave and we replaced him with Edu, Nitrominds drummer. Derrick showed up when I phoned him one day and Andre Curci joined the band last year after several auditions for a second guitar player.


Is the current line-up the original one?

Andre NM,guitar, Edu, Drums, Brigas, Bass, Andre Curci, Guitar and Derrick Green on vocals.


Have you recorded any demos before releasing the album?

We have done several.


Were you a friend of Derrick Green before he joined the band?

I meet him couple times but not was my friend, now he is.

How come Green joined forces with you?

I phoned him, I was listen to Dante XXI (a Sepultura album) at home and well, we needed a singer, he wanted play with some other people so I sent him the demo he liked  that’s how it all started.


Why did you name the band Music Diablo what is the thought behind the name?

Yeah, many people think Diablo means only the devil but is not true Diablo also means chosen both ways for the good or for the evil you should decide. I also wanted an international name that was understandable in all languages you know the meaning of the name. Music or Musik or Musica.

Is Music Diablo a band or a project?

Started as side project now is a real band.


Have you done a lot of touring since the birth of the band?

Not a lot because we have our agendas too but we did on tour in Europe already as well as many festivals in Brazil and we are going out on tour again in 2011 in Europe.


You did a minor tour through Europe this past summer how was that tour?

It was great to tour for the first time. It was all a lot of fun.

Do you think that you will tour more on this album?

Yes  we have some shows still here in Brazil and some other tourdates in Europe.

Is it hard to go out on tour with Music Diablo? I mean you are involved in other acts besides this one.

Yes I have a hardcore band called Nitrominds which are pretty successful here in Brazil and I also sometimes work as stage manager for some bands in metal, rock, etc.

What does the fans of Sepultura think of this album?

They like a lot cause they can listen to another Derrick and many of Max’s fans liked  it too. Maybe they don’t like Derrick replacing Max but like him on Musica Diablo, crazy shit.

Are you active on the internet on sites as MySpace and so on?

Since MySpace has this new beta shit and  can’t work with this shit anymore but I’m active in all pages. I listen to all band that add us and are also very active on facebook now.

Do you get a lot of mail from fans? What’s the most common question fans have for you?

Yes I do get some and I always answer them. Most part of the time are there complements about the music.

What are the plans for Music Diablo for 2011? Are you currently working on new material for the next album?

We have 5 new songs and more are coming and we will do a new demo in January and we plan to release a new record for this year and do live show as much as we can.


Could you give the readers three good reasons why they should buy MUSIC DIABLO?

I can give one!

1 – Good music that comes  from the heart. Quality Thrash Metal with 80’s influences!

Well, that was all for me for this time. Finally do you have any words of wisdom for the readers and fans?

Keep it true!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this interview, I wish you all the best in the future.

Thanks man, it was my pleasure answering all questions! See ya in the near future


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