Danko Jones with support act Young Guns on Below The Belt European Tour 2010 at Kb Malmoe Sweden

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Danko Jones – headline act

Below The Belt European Tour 2010

Young Guns –  support act




October 14, 2010

Review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall




Danko Jones paid Malmoe a visit recently when he and his band played at Kulturbolaget and because it was quite some time I last saw the band, it was at the beginning of the summer at Copenhell Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. I thought it would be a great idea to go and see the band perform so said and done I went to see the Canadian tornado. The band did earlier this year release the brilliant album BELOW THE BELT which they currently are out supporting and I really do think that this album is one of the bands best albums so far. Danko Jones began his career already back in 1996 and he released his first 7 inch single SUGAR CHOCOLATE in 1998. His big break though came with the 2001 album I’M ALIVE AND ON FIRE and it was not until then the large mass of people started to notice the frenzy Canadian guy. Danko Jones is highly loved and appreciated in Scandinavia and the band have spent many hours on the road in Sweden, maybe not so strange when his record label is located in Sweden.

A lot of people were already in the club when I came and the largest amount of people consisted of girls and female visitors. Time moved fast and soon was it time for the support act called Young Guns to take on the Swedish audience.

Young Guns

When the very young act came on stage all of the girls at the front of the stage screamed and made them feel very welcomed. I had never heard the band before and because of that it was hard to make an opinion of their music but I think that the description simple and pure rock’n’roll ought to make Young Guns music justice.



The singer tried to connect with the crowd but it seemed like the delirious female population that had welcomed the band so warmly before had gone away to the bar and lost interest. It was a few fans that stood and listened to Young Guns but not more. The singer thanked Danko Jones for allowing them to take part and for following them on their tour and said that the band after the show was gonna go down to the merchandise stand to sign and take pictures with the fans. After about 40 minutes the Young Guns show was over and it was time for the crew to prepare the stage for the nights main attraction.




When the crew unveiled the stage two large squares of columns appeared and inside the two squares were spotlights placed that lit up in various colours during the entire show. The squares were placed behind Jones and JC. While the crew were working on stage had more people turned up and I guess that the club was nearly sold out which means that almost 750 people had come to see the best band ever from Canada.



Danko Jones

As everyone knows is the band a trio and the band members are:

Danko Jones – lead vocals, guitar

John “JC” Calabrese – bass, b-vox

Dan Cornelius – drums

As soon as the band showed themselves on stage screamed the fans their lungs out and when the band kicked off “I Think Bad Thoughts” was the happiness complete. The song was instantly followed by “Active Volcanoes” and the slightly older “Play The Blues”. The show kicked off in a furious tempo which was a tempo that followed the band during the entire show. Jones mostly stood solid on his place with Calabrese on the other side and Cornelius at the back in the middle. Even though the bands music is fierce and fast on album is that nothing compared how fast it goes live but even though it’s fast hadn’t the band compromised with anything and the music sounded really tight and edgy. It was quite obvious that this was a band that is used to tour – a lot.





The crowd pleaser “Sticky Situation” came and it was followed by “Code Of The Road” which was taken from the bands studio album NEVER TOO LOUD. Jones said that when he had seen the touring schedule he had asked why they had to play in both Stockholm as well as in Gothenburg when they visited Sweden, Jones said that he only wanted to play in the best town in Sweden – Malmoe. Malmoe is number one Jones said and everyone in the venue did agree of course. Jones took up a sign that a fan had thrown up on stage and read “I kiss on the first date” (which is a title of a song) and Jones said that Yes Malmoe I do to and then he kicked off “The First Date” and everyone sang a long with Jones through out the song. When Jones asked us what we thought of the show screamed one fan “Jävla Bra” which means fucking great and Jones asked us what he has said and when we translated the sentence was Jones really glad and screamed Jävla Bra in Swedish. 

Jones had the audience in the palm of his hand right from the start and the crowd did everything the told them to. They sang, screamed, jumped and danced during the entire show and I guess that the band was really pleased with the support from the fans. “Sugar Chocolate” was instantly followed by “Sugar High” and “Invisible”. Jones wanted us to give a hand for the support act Young Guns and said that it was the first time the both bands had been playing together in Malmoe. A few guys that stood in the crowd screamed for more older songs while Jones just laughed and said that they weren’t gonna play those songs this night. Jones said that the next song was about oral sex on girls but before they played that song he introduced the band members and himself. “Love Call” was the sex song in which Jones again showed his biggest asset(?) his tongue, and everyone clapped their hands and danced through the song.








The last song for the night was “Mountain” in which he did what he use to. Jones stopped the song in the middle and said that he wanted to talk with all the rockers, hardrockers and punks that was in the club. He said when all the fakers and the poser band’s had gone away he was gonna go up on his “mountain” and look down on everyone else and look down on the honest ones that are left and everyone was gonna look up on Jones where he was standing surrounded by Johnny Cash, Cliff Burton, Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny Ramone, Dimebag Darell, Eric Carr and Phil Lynott. Last but not least was he going to have the one of the biggest stars by his side on the mountain top, and he didn’t mean Elvis or Michael Jackson, he meant Ronnie James Dio. Jones also said that if we ever felt low and down we should do what he does three times a day every day and that was to repeat his mantra that went something like “this skin gets thicker, this mouth gets louder” and so on. After that show off was the song and the show over and Danko Jones left stage after having played for about 70 minutes.





Even though the audience soaked in sweat as well as the band wanted the fans to have more from the band and called them out again. The band came out again and Jones said Thank You in Swedish and said that even though they had played on the club 5 times he hadn’t noticed the aquarium that was placed beside the stage. First encore for the night was “Dance” which is a quite old song taken from the album WE SWEAT BLOOD. The second encore was “To Night Is Fine” which was followed by the third and last encore “Bounce” from the album I’M ALIVE AND ON FIRE. When the last note had faded out and the band had one off stage was the night over and the three encores lasted for 15 minutes. I was surprised though that he had toned down the instant sex-talk and the talk about how great and sexy Jones is.

I thought it was a great show but what else can be expected from one of the hardest working bands in show business. Jones is an amazing front man that knows how to handle a crowd. To see Danko Jones live is like being hit by a train in full speed, you’re bruised and battled but you love it. From what I have read in magazines and so hasn’t Danko Jones being acknowledged in Canada and USA yet and that is strange.




Thanks to the head of KB Totte Lundgren and the head of press Kristian Kornhage for help with press/photo pass to the show and a big thank you to crew and staff at KB, it’s always a pleasure coming to the club.


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I Think Bad Thoughts

Active Volcanoes

Play The Blues

Forget My Name

Sticky Situation

Code Of The Road

First Date

Had Enough

Baby Hates Me

Full Of Regret

Sugar Chocolate

Sugar High


Love Call




Tonight Is Fine


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