Therion : Gloria Helsinki Finland

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Gloria, The 3rd of December

Helsinki Finland

Review and Photos by Arto Lehtinen

Therion has traveled a long road since their early death metal days to the present more symphonic oriented metal. The band’s mastermind and soul Christofer Johansson has guided Therion through the years to reach their current status in the metal world. Therion has a large following in Europe and in South America where the Swedish symphonic metallers draw a lot of people to shows. But Therion would definitely deserve more attention and success at here in Finland. As about 400 people had crawled to testify the theatrical symphonic metal spectacle on Friday night. Obviously another metal gig in the town levied at least a few potential attendees.

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When arriving at the venue it was quite surprising to see the venue was half empty. Fortunately people started getting rolling in just on time before Therion was about to start their symphonic metal show. The show was kicked off by the intro from the latest opus and followed by a two hour symphonic and metallic offering. It was truly a relief that there was no mandatory support act.

The sounds were kind of distorted in the beginning and improved dramatically during the show. That gave a unique way to have a pleasure to enjoy the metallic symphony.  Every move and every step of each member had been carefully and well planned and carried out. Each of them knew where they were supposed to stand and move in the right time. When the ladies took over the vocals both the male vocalists stepped back. Of course there was some kind of theatrical references in the show when for example Snowy and one of the female vocalists did a duet together or when Thomas Vikstrom put a mask on his face during Hellequin. Even though Thomas Vikstrom is an official singer and member of Therion, whereas Snowy Snaw is obviously a session or touring singer, but both the singers equally shared the vocal duties and played their roles equally. Snowy Shaw turned out to be a real showman on the stage while vocalist Thomas Vikstorm appeared to be a little more restrained.  Both the female vocalist Katarina Lilja and Lori Lewes brought inputs of their own with their fantastic sounding voices crowning the whole musical and symphonic spectacle.  The official bass player Nalle Påhlsson wasn’t on this tour and his duties were handled by none other than legendary Waldemar Sorychta. 

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The set covered a wide range of songs from their career. Songs had been picked up from Therli to the latest opus Sitha Ahra. The newer and older material definitely matched together truly well.

Even though each move and stance had been well planned, the size of the stage set limitations causing each of four singers to step aside to give more space for other singer. Therion needs and fits bigger venues and arenas rather than clubs with smaller stages.  That didn’t prevent the band from giving a triumphant, theatrical, and symphonic experience for the Finnish crowd. The audience definitely cheered and lived up to the songs performed by Therion. Apparently the band was kind of overwhelmed by the response and thanked the audience many times. Hopefully Therion will land here in Finland again to give us another symphonic atmosphere and experience to the Finnish fans.    



Sitra Ahra

Wine of Aluqah


The Perennial Sophia



The Siren of the Woods

Voyage of Gurdjieff


Dies Irae


Kali Yuga III

Call of Dagon

Clavicula Nox

Enter Vril-Ya

The Blood of Kingu



Unguentum Sabbati

The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah

To Mega Therion


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