Rock House Method – Gus G Lead and Rhythm Techniques (DVD)

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Reviewed: December 2010
Released: 2010, Rock House Method
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams


The latest release from Rock House Method, one of the music industry\’s leaders in innovative music tutorial DVD\’s comes in the form of a 2 DVD set with instructor Gus G (Firewind, Dream Evil, Ozzy Osbourne). For fans of Gus G\’s flashy brand of guitar pyrotechnics and his \”take no prisoners\” approach to soloing, this DVD set has been a long time coming.

What makes the Rock House Method product unique, is that each instructional DVD set comes with a code for further instructional website support from the staff of instructors at Rock House Method. You can download tabbed sheet music as well as free \”Tuner\” and \”Metronome\” software and you can load your guitar lessons with Gus G onto your i-Pod and literally \”Learn as you go\”.

Gus G guides the student through natural minor and Phrygian major scales (which should interest the Ritchie Blackmore fans out there) and details various patterns, scale sequences and full neck runs, while challenging the student\’s lead guitar playing ability. This isn\’t all just theory dominated intensity, Firewind fans will be delighted to learn that a number of Firewind songs and riffs are covered in this 2 DVD set, taught by the man himself who wrote the riffs.

I would recommend this DVD to those of an intermediate level of playing ability. These kind of licks could be a bit too difficult for a beginner to follow at times. There is some pretty challenging diminished sweep and chromatic arpeggio runs that I had to rewind several times to fully grasp and conquer. The split screen feature implemented in all RHM products, allows the viewer to monitor both the picking hand and the finger work of the instructor. This really helps during the faster staccato riffage. Overall this is a welcome addition to any guitar aficionado\’s DVD collection. Gus G has really paid his dues in the underground and it\’s nice to finally see him recognized as an accomplished shredder.


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Production Year: 2010