Demonica – Demonstrous

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Reviewed: December 2010
Released: 2010, Spiritual Beast / Massacre
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

This album came out quite early in the year on the Asian label, Spiritual Beast (and later on Massacre in Europe) but has not really seen much exposure or media interest in North America That’s a shame because there are a number of reasons why this band deserves your attention.

Despite a low-key approach there is a ton of pedigree in this band. Primarily Hank Shermann wanted to write a thrash record. He gathered some buddies including Craig and Mark from Forbidden and ripped out a little gem of thrashy goodness. 10 cuts, 48 minutes, straight and to the point.

DEMONSTROUS with it’s odd title and all is a fine thrash record. It sounds like Hank was listening to his newer Slayer records! He has always been interested in other genres from his old melodic project Fate to half a dozen other bands, he is a pretty creative and productive guy. This is his most straight ahead, no-frills, unadulterated thrash album. It has some modern hints but those are few and far between. The vocals are harsh but intelligible and mixed nice and loud upfront.

The whole record blurs by, nothing too innovative or substantial but the execution of the vision is immaculate. It feels a bit like a project of guys having fun, moreso than a serious band effort to collectively write something interesting and new. They probably were never all in the same room at the same time and a touring commitment seems unlikely.

So this album is what it is, a technically flawless, well-executed thrash record that will appeal to fans of newer Slayer and Testament. Heavy, fast and fun, pretty much everything Sherman does is top-notch. Packaging, presentation, production, it’s all there. Musically it all kinda blurs by, the song-writing perhaps letting the album down a little notch, dropping it from a mandatory purchase for all metal fans to one merely recommended for most thrash fans.


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Track Listing:
1. Demon Class
2. Ghost Hunt
3. Luscious Damned
4. My Tongue
5. Palace Of Class
6. Alien Six
7. Below Zero
8. Fast And Furious
9. Summoned
10. Astronomica

Klaus Hyr – Vocals
Hank Shermann – Guitar
Craig Locicero – Guitar
Marc Grabowski – Bass
Mark Hernandez – Drums