Annihilator – Total Annihilation

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Reviewed: December 2010
Released: 2010, Earache
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

For those few who don’t know who Annihilator are, they happen to be a Canadian thrash/groove band who have been around for the best part of three decades.

Led by the very talented multi-instrumentalist Jeff Waters and having 12 full length albums under there belt along with several live albums, singles and ’best of’ albums throughout their career. Now in 2010 here we have another compilation ’Total Annihilation’. The title pretty much says it all. This compilation compiles tracks taken from selective albums that are to be re-issued by none other than Earache Records.

Now, for those who go by the slogan ’thrash is gash’ should probably stay away, and those who go by the slogan ’modern thrash is gash’ should also probably stay away as this compilation is compiled of mostly later material
(1994 onwards). But for those who dig thrash new or old then this defiantly suggested.

This contains 14 catchy tracks with all the typical thrash elements (long guitar solo’s, break neck speed drums, catchy lyrics) and has a playing time of 70 minutes. And its 70 minutes of Total Annihilation! Something that’s a bonus about this compilation is that is FREE to download through the earache website! So check it out for yourselves…

Joe Knight


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Track Listing:
1. The Trend 07:04
2. Ambush 03:21
3. Battered 05:19
4. Carnival Diablos
5. Back to the Palace 05:35
6. Nothing Left 04:51
7. Ultra-Motion 05:07
8. Ritual 05:16
9. King of the Kill 03:11
10. Second to None 05:16
11. Ultraparanoia 04:22
12. Refresh the Demon 05:28
13. Tricks and Traps 04:58
14. Never Forget 05:12

Dave Padden – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jeff Waters – Guitar, Bass, Vocals