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We are overly excited to announce that cult U.S. metal band Blacksmith will be the fifth release in the Heaven and Hell Records’ Lost Relics series.  Blacksmith was number one on our wish list to work with and it is now coming true. Working closely with guitarist and main man David Smith on the project it is sure to please fan and collectors alike.

The release titled ‘Strike While the Iron’s Hot’ will contain both the Blacksmith self titled EP from ’86, as well as the full length ‘Fire from Within’ from 1989.  Enhanced CD material will include photo gallery of never before seen rare photos, lyric sheets, and an extensive history and bio.

Formed in New York City by guitarist David Smith and vocalist Heidi Black in the early 80s, Blacksmith would quickly become widely known throughout the metal underground worldwide. Through demo tapes and underground metal fanzines the bands reputation spread quickly.  They were also featured in many of the day’s most notable metal and hard rock magazines nationally and internationally, notably Kerrang.

The band toured up and down the east coast throughout much of 1985 headlining and supporting many of the times best known metal acts.  In 1986 they would release their debut self titled EP. Europe immediately embraced the band (most notably England and Germany). More touring, radio airplay and media coverage followed. But just as quickly as they arrived, so too did they divide and fall. By the spring of 1987 the original line-up was over.  However main-man David Smith was not ready to lay Blacksmith to rest and quickly recruited new players and picked up where the first version of the group left off. Several gigs and demos later Blacksmith signed with Tropical Records in late 1988. Tropical Records released “Fire from Within” in early 1989. The band would hit the road to support the new release and played everywhere they possibly could. Once again Blacksmith caught worldwide press attention along with appearances on MTV and many regional cable access programs. The group would even have some of their music featured in several Fox syndicated television programs. With so much exposure, attention, and product endorsements it seemed Blacksmith were on a roll. But as the decade drew to a close so did interest in heavy metal or so it seemed.  As the 90s began Dave would put Blacksmith to rest.

Over the next 20 years as the interest in true heavy metal began to rise again, mostly due to European collectors, so did the interest in Blacksmith’s rise.  Fan requests, interviews, and festival offers steadily poured in for the New York metallers. All the while Smith was waiting for the right time strike and now in 2010 the iron is hot.
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