Black Mass Ritual : Dantes Helsinki Finland

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The third Black Mass Ritual festival was arranged in the famous rock club in the heart of Helsinki called Dante’s. The three day festival offered a great dissection of the most brutal death/black bands emerging from the extreme scene. Each night had a known band from the underground headlining the event and several other bands literally slayed. Here is the brief article of the Black Mass Ritual III.



The first day was kicked off by the young Finnish death metal squad delivering an ass kicking death onslaught. The four piece did an outstanding set of songs consisting killer riffs and awesome leads. The band was quite skilled and talented in the death metal genre as the band proved by killing on the stage and on their album releases. Check ’em out.



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 Neutron Hammer

Uncompromising brutality with the primitive maelstrom by the Finnish Neutron Hammer featuring members from Lie In Ruins. Neutron Hammer just hammers forward with a merciless grip by showing no mercy in their approach. Instead the brutality has been taken to the extremity of the next level. Neutron Hammer’s primitive and brutal approach went down to the audience which was totally hammered. 


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Craven Idol

More British extremity offered by Craven Idol feat. the guitarist of Grave Miasma. The approach of Craven Idol didn’t differ from another bands of the roster. The outfit relied on the same uncompromising brutality and aggression of the blackish thrash.  


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Witchrist hailing from New Zealand started the gig with the slow and raw sounding song followed by the extreme approach of course. The tattooed and bald headed frontman with the hoodie didn’t look that evil, but the man’s voice turned out to be really deadly. Witchrist presented the brutal death metal with the occultism grip with the old school death metal meets the militant blackish approach.


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Sadistic Intent

These long time LA death metal merchants gained nothing but utter respect in the catacombs of the underground of the extreme scene. Getting the mighty Sadistic Intent to headline the first day was tremendous, great, and superb. Even thought the four piece missed the flight, they however managed to arrive on time to show how true death metal is played. Unfortunately, technical problems plagued the start of the set quite badly. Those problems literally fueled the inner fire of the aggression of the band. The four piece death metal legends literally whipped the Finnish audience with killer and monstrous death metal in the ancient way. The set included a plenty of classic Sadistic Intent hymns and even new one. But when can the new stuff be heard on an official full length album? That is a good question, cos the band is vicious and lethal on the stage and put the passion into the true death metal.

Eternal Darkness

Dark Predictions

Conflict Within

Untimely End

Condemned To Misery

A Mass For Tortured Souls


Second Coming

Ancient Black Earth

Lurking Terror

Numbered With The Devil


Funerals Obscure

Morbid Faith

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Stench Of Decay

Another killer death metal band hailing from Finland. The Finnish death metal scene lives and well judging by the quality of these bands playing at the Black Mass Festival. Even though the band has been around since 2004, but got a few demo outputs out by now. Well that doesn’t matter after all as kicking the day off was a good place to show how death metal reigns.


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If other Finnish death metal outfits blew the audience away with the high quality and technical death metal, then Maveth did the same thing. Even though the band sounded occasionally a bit boring, but in general they were playing tightly. The four piece was entirely covered in blood and didn’t communicate that much with the audience.  Well the band is not widely known as there wasn’t that many people banging in the front.  Despite the lack of interest, Maveth should be checked out by the real death metal freaks. 

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Hooded Menace

Another interesting death/doom metal band from Finland Hooded Menace. The band’s deadly doomy oriented stuff sounded heavy and above all depressive. The stage performance of this four piece outfit doesn’t get any praises as each of them was standing and playing thru the set. Seriously watching Hooded Menace was quite painful, although the music sounded great. Seriously does it bother? Let the music speak and wait for their split with Asphyx.


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 The Finnish death metallers skinned the audience alive for sure. But the Swedish death squad Karnarium didn’t convince the audience at all. The dull and extreme boring gig from them didn’t create any kind of utter fanatism from the audience. Obviously because of their boring gig some of the audience attendee got on the stage to show his fat ass. To be honest Karnarium was easily the weakest band of the whole weekend.

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Grave Miasma

The British Grave Miasma was definitely one of the most anticipated bands from the roster of the Black Mass event. The floor area was like a battlefield where people rushed and crowded by pushing each other. When the group unleashed, their was brutal rolling all over, the audience went quite beserk. The British four piece’s blackish death raw approach was merciless, but damn tight and aggressive for sure. The frontman appeared to be an extreme relentless one with the guitar when moving all the time. The skull of the goat and warpaint give an impression of the band’s dedication to the grim nihilistic look. That definitely reflects in their performance.






Once again the floor area was entirely packed when the German Excoriate got on the stage. The band delivered a little bit chaotic thrash metal. The primitive and raw thrash metal sounded truly brutal and nihilistic. The band raged and thrashed with the intensive passion and drive throughout the whole set. So did the audience which went entirely beserk. 



Nirvana 2002

How many of you still remember the glorious heyday of Swedish death metal from the early 90’s? Back then, there were tons of death metal bands emerging from Sweden, sounding more or less like Entombed/Nihilist/Dismember. Some of them recorded some demos and vanished from the catacombs of the underground to resurrect almost 20 years later. Nirvana 2002 was one of them. Their return to the limelight was kind of an unexpected surprise as each of them had gone their separate ways as the frontman Oscar Säfström had ended to host a popular game program on the TV. However, the reactivated Nirvana 2002 played the most of songs from the past and of course a couple of cover songs Kreator’s "Pleasure To Kill" and of course Entombed’s Crawl off from the same titled ep when Säfström  made a short stint when replacing L-G Petrov. Nirvana 2002 sounded kind of vicious and raw deathrash after twenty years. Hopefully Nirvana 2002 will get some new stuff out.

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Lie In Ruins

The domestic death metal outfit Lie In Ruins kicked the third off with the intensive and tight performance. The band gigs here and there, therefore seeing them at the Black Mass festival event was a real welcomed opportunity. Seriously they would have deserved to start earlier.

Even though the band has started the lethal spreading in the early 90’s, but having started gaining more attention within the past few years. Lie In Ruins represent the more older death metal genre and unleashed the fury of the old school death metal at the Black Mass fest. The band’s brutal sounding deadly approach was tight played and killer.


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Here is another British extreme metal band who were more or less totally unknown. However, the British extreme four piece delivered brutal death metal in the vein of Incantation, Morbid Angel and other death metal legends. Unfortunately, the band’s material has been quite a mystery. The four piece sounded truly nihilistic and brutal regardless!

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Bestial chaotic war metal from Italy was next on the menu. The band has reached cult status in the bestial war metal genre. The band’s furious and uncompromising maelstrom is truly influenced by these Australian masters such as Sadistik Exekution and Bestial Warlust. The Italian three piece suffered from some technical problems that didn’t prevent them from spreading the message of chaotic war metal all around the venue.  


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Blasphemy presenting the Ross Bay Cult headlined the Black Mass ritual event last year and gave an ultimate brutal gig ever. One of the Blasphemy members also plays in Dioclentian hailing from New Zealand. Besides a couple of guys from Witchrist are also involved. Diocletian without any doubts belongs the Ross Bay Cult.


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It was quite surprising the KRK guys managed to book Demigod as the band has been on hiatus several times, broke up and has gone through several changes in their line-up. Getting the original singer back behind the mic was truly an appreciated task. It seems like every old original member wasn’t able to attend the show, therefore a couple of guys from Torture Killer had been recruited. The show proved Demigod still has unfinished business in the death metal genre. Hopefully the band will be able to sort out these line up hassles and return to the limelight for a little bit longer


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Dead Gongregation

Brutal death metal from Greece before the German ritual masters got on the stage. Dead Congregation offered the lethal approach of the uncompromising deadly metal. The four piece’s warmachine mangled the audience easily. The frontman AV looked an extreme diabolical appearance. AV’s deep gutted growling was direct from the abyss of the damnation.

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Necros Christos

Necros Christos visited Finland a couple of years ago and unleashed the fury of unholy death metal. The cult status of Necros Christos has increased tremendously as the whole place was totally packed when the ritualistic mass started. The four piece did a lethal set of the old school sounding death metal with the vicious grip of the doomy elements here and there. Apparently some freaked out and  went totally beserk about Necros Christos as having slit their wrists and the blood had been spilt on the stage. Necros Christos’ liveritual tended to be a pure darkness, damnation and death from the beginning to the end. The vocalist Mors Dalos Ra with the long cape led the ritualistic mass with the incantations of his own.  Necros Christos’ dark death metal definitely fitted to the smoky and gloomy club environment of Dantes.

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