Anathema – “Mainstream is not a word that I ever use. It’s not in my musical vocabulary.”

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The Greek webzine recently conducted a video interview with Anathema:


Also, there is the full transcribed interview here:

Here’s some highlights: How would you describe the sound of the new album, comparing to what you’ve done so far. It might sound a bit more mainstream than you previous works, some might say…

Daniel Cavanagh: Mainstream is not a word that I ever use. It’s not in my musical vocabulary if you like. I don’t really know what mainstream means or anything. All I know is that it sounds like I wanted it to. It sounds beautiful, full of light, expansive, and heavy, and intense, passionate, and emotional, deep, and real, and honest, but mainstream? I don’t know! The album is called “We’re Here Because We’re Here”, and that is the song title for a tune the soldiers used to sing in World War I. why did you chose this album title?

Daniel Cavanagh: World War I seems to me like a useless exercise. Those boys were walking into bullets, and there was craziness, there was chaos. It was insanity on a global scale; it was the first time the world has seen such destruction. And there was no real reason for it. The guys in the field knew there was no real reason. There was no reason for them to be there. So, they were singing “We’re Heer, Because We’re Here”, because it was their defiance, it was their song of defiance.

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