Jex Thoth : Kuudes Linja Helsinki Finland

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The 3rd of November 2010

Kuudes Linja Helsinki Finland

Review and photos by Arto Lehtinen


Last spring Jex Thoth offered a real ethereal occultism rock experience at Roadburn. Therefore, the obvious interest to testify Jex Thoth now in Finland was definitely a must to see experience. The band sounded amazing at Roadburn – extremely catchy and didn’t let anyone down. The gig in Helsinki was definitely an entire highlight and above all magical.

The domestic support combo called Mother Susurrus was the one to do that obligatory kick off. A handful of people had already crawled in to check out this eccentric named group. Their long and depressive set was truly doomy and slow as hell. The frontman having dressed in a long monk cloak looked, well tried to look, extreme depressive by starring into the emptiness. The band’s material was entirely unknown to the crowd. The songs lasted pretty long and created quite depressive feeling for sure. 

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Jex Thoth has reached pretty good following during the past years. The band embarked for a long European tour covering several countries including Finland. The three gig tour in Finland has awakened a lot of interest in different music genres as the tickets sold like hot cakes and people tended to be more than excited about the show as judged by many enthusiastic postings on several forums. Unfortunately, the gig venues were kind of small at least in Helsinki. Apparently 300 people had crawled to the small club, where the atmospheric and feeling were high up in the air.

The people had packed close to the stage as there were no security fences. In general when taking a glance at the audience, it was a real interesting mix of hipsters, strange looking hippies, doom fanatics, and metalheads. The audience appeared to be entirely spellbound by the performance and music of Jex Thoth. 


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The frontlady Jessica’s magical and ritualistic movements tied up with the musical approach of Jex Thoth. The lady’s performance included putting lights on candles and strange looking magical movements. The whole atmosphere was one kind of magic and mysterious for sure. Jex Thoth created the ethereal experience. 

There was no need for the band or Jessica to communicate with the audience. The band played song by song and Lady Jessica literally tied the audience around her little finger. Her magical appearance with eccentric manners created entirely a spell of the mystical. The band did almost every song published on releases such as "Nothing Left to Die", "Separated At Birth", "Son of Yule" and so on. The cover song of Bob Trimble called "When The Raven Calls" belonged to the set.

Even though it was mentioned earlier about the small gig venue, instead the small intimate venue created a real unique and magical feeling. The gig was a wroth every penny and was truly enjoyable.




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