Jalometalli 2010

Rhapsody of Fire
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Club Teatria, Oulu, Finland

The 13th and 14 of August 2010

By Arto Lehtinen, Marko Syrjala and Niko Karppinen

Pics by Arto Lehtinen, Marko Syrjala and Timo Hanhirova

Here we are again… The mighty Jalometalli Open Air Metal festival strikes back with a killer line-up to maintain its lofty status on the Finnish festival map. The festival is known for relying on and old school metal approach offering traditional metal to extreme metal. The debut visit of Triptykon led by T.G Warrior was definitely one of the most awaited ones. So was Carcass, for sure! Once again the Metal Rules team hit the ground of Oulu to testify several absolutely killer bands. The whole Jalometalli as a festival is so unique and one of kind that anyone reading this article should take a glance at the offering of the festival. Here is a brief article on the fest.




Inferia has been around for twenty years+ and present a death grinding core. Even though the band has been around forever, their live performance was quite boring. Perhaps playing in front of a few people under the red hot sun doesn’t sound that tempting for anyone. However, Inferia survived and went through the infernal hotter than hell setting.

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The legends of the surmacore Rytmihäiriö have gained new success even though their legendary cult status lives and breathes more than well. The current Rytmihäiriö line-up follows the same old school hard core and crust punk approach. The band hasn’t given up an inch of their attitude. That attitude was sensed and seen from their relentless gig at Jalometalli. Fans digging straightforward and intensive punk-ish stuff with and old school grip gotta check out Rytmihäiriö for sure.


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The German cult thrashers was supposed to play in Oulu with Candlemass back in 2005, but due to stormy seas, the equipment got stock in Tallinn. Therefore, it was a good way to rip the Jalometalli audience apart with intensive thrashing and whipping metal. The band sounded tight and were uncompromising mad butchers on the stage. The set consisted of both old and new material. The frontman, Schmier, truly dominated the stage with his strong charisma.

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Power metal from Sweden! Dream Evil is known as a band from where the current Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G was catapulted to a wider attention. Even though Dream Evil present the true Swedish trad metal to the bone, for some reason the band never rose to the wider attention like Primal Fear etc. Despite the addition of some humour aspects to the stage performance, their gig didn’t convince that much. The set included a plenty of killer songs indeed, but something was missing.

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 It was about time to have some real brutal death metal. Suffocation gained its reputation as an intensive brutal and technical death metal already 20 years ago. Despite the band spent several years on hiatus, but they still kill and maul the audience to death with the brutal extreme and above all technical death metal. Led by Frank Mullen along side with the almost original line up Suffocation offered a lesson of death metal onslaught covering entire career from the past till now. The band appeared to be thrilled to play in the Teatria as the whole place used to be a slaughterhouse. That’s why it aint any surprise the whole festival area is the ancient old meatfactory.

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Seriously, it was about time for Macabre to visit Finland again. It took incredible 17 years since their latest visit with Brutal Truth. Anyway it was about time to have these murder metallers on the Finnish soil. Fortunately the mighty Jalometalli managed to get them booked. The band is known for being rather weird looking clothes. Above all the frontman’s eccentric and hilarious hillbilly look has been a part of the band for years and years. Excellent. Macabre’s stuff is catchy and vicious killing metal. It was easy to figure out about the lyrics of each song when the frontman Corporate Death introduced songs by telling some obscure and awful background info on them. The frontman of Impaled Nazarene did a guest visit doing one Macabre classic called “Serial Killer” off from the GRIM REALITY album. It truly sounded vicious and brutal for sure.  Even one cover song belonged to the set of the night when Venom’s "Countess Bathory" roared out of the monikers. 

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Carcass made their debut visit to Finland a few years  back at Tuska. Well to be honest that show wasn’t that good so to say. Carcass definitely needed  a darker and more intimate atmosphere  surrounding things. The Jalometalli festival offered those elements creating a unique and killer atmosphere. The British grindcore legends one hell of show in the nightfall of Oulu. The four piece sounded tight and above all striking and stinking brutal. Carcass did an equal set consisting of the material from the first album through every album till the last one. The frontman Jeff Walker communicated with the audience and told how Carcass got booked to Jalometalli. Carcass was an utter great headliner of the first day  

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