RAVAGE ‘Grapes Of Wrath’ video to debut on Monday Nov 8th

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“Grapes Of Wrath” the long-awaited new video from Boston MA area traditional heavy metal / thrashers Ravage will finally premiere on the irreverent video game blog D-Pad D-bags located at www.dpaddbags.com this Monday November 8th at 3:00 p.m. EST. The clip was filmed back in the summer of 2009, but had to be sent back for a number of re-edits due to some controversial parodic subject matter, violent content and special effects issues.

Ravage singer Al Ravage commented, “I’m proud of what we were able to put together with this video despite a non-existent budget. I think we were able to get our message across in a very entertaining way. The song itself speaks to the personal struggles of the people of our generation as we try to wade through the turbulent waters of this rough economic and social climate. Everyone our age knows someone who has lost his or her job, been burdened by ever increasing credit card or student loan debt and dually had to deal with the fallout of two on-going foreign wars. The song basically is a wake-up call to the brain-dead media personalities and political figures who sit idly by as the world tears itself appart and try to blame music or art for the problems of today’s youth. As for the video, as usual, we threw quite a bit in the blender for you all to keep it interesting – including some comedy, some gore, some parody, and a not-so subtle homage to one of
our favorite Judas Priest videos. Working with Egan from LAWSON: WHITE HEAT was a blast ‘in particular’ and I’m sure all members of the Society For World Wide Ravage will get a kick out of this video.”

The video was directed by John Koziol who last worked on the feature-length action comedy film LAWSON: WHITE HEAT and has previously worked on video projects for such diverse artists as AGNOSTIC FRONT and THE WU-TANG CLAN.

Ravage’s latest album “The End Of Tomorrow” was released by Metal Blade Records.


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