Malmoe Festival 2010 with Dolly Daggers, Royal Republic, Adept and The Haunted in Malmoe, Sweden

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Adept, The Haunted

Stor Torget

25/8 – 2010




A few days later, on Wednesday, it was time to go down to the largest stage to see the famous The Haunted live. The Haunted was supposed to perform at the same stage as Royal Republic but due to the nasty weather conditions and the heavy wind was moved up to the larger and more solid stage in the middle of town. I was also supposed to see and cover Crazy Lixx and Khoma but they were forced to cancel because of the bad weather. Before The Haunted was another heavy metal act called Adept was going to play and even though I’ve never heard of them before, I decided to check them out. After all was it nice to hear some form of harder music during the festival.


Adept opened the show with “Sound The Alarm” which was followed by “Caution! Boys Night Out”. The band members are very young but have shortly become one of the hottest new acts within the Swedish metal community which, by the way, I really don’t understand. I think that the bands mallcore music mixed with thrash metal feels boring and not up to date at all.







Before the band said good bye the lead singer said that Adept was going to come back in the fall on tour together with As I Lay Dying and Heaven Shall Burn and then ended with the songs “If I’m A Failure, You’re A Tragedy” and “At Least Give Me My Dreams Back You Negligent Whore” . That ended 45 minutes of boring music and the only thing I waited for was to hear and the see the mighty The Haunted from Gothenburg Sweden.



The Haunted

As soon as Adept had gone off stage the road crew began to prepare the stage for the next act which was The Haunted and it went pretty quick because The Haunted didn’t have much gear with them. The band members entered and “Moronic Colossus” kicked off. Members are:

Jensen – guitar

Jonas Bjorler – bass

Per Moller Jensen – drums

Anders Bjorler – guitar

Peter Dolving – lead vocals

As usual stood the Bjorler twins stood on the same side with Dolving somewhere in the middle and Jensen on the other side. “99” continued the thrash-fest after which a beardy Dolving said that it was fun and unexpected to be playing at the biggest stage at the Malmoe Festival. He said it was great to be back again and asked if we were ready for another neck-breaker in “Bury Your Dead”. That song was shortly followed by other great songs in “Trespass” and “The Medication”. Dolving said that if you have a dream follow it and don’t let it go, just take a look at us he said we are The Haunted and we all started out with having a dream. Jensen and Anders Bjorler delivered heavy guitar riffs and those two complemented each other perfectly on guitar.





When it comes to charisma and stage personality it is hard to beat Peter Dolving, the man was everywhere on stage and really put all of his heart and soul into the performance. He’s a brutal genius and an amazing frontman that’s for sure. Dolving said that the band had been out non stop for two years now and that it would be really nice to come home now, they had only 5 more shows to do before they were able to come home. “Iron Mask” and the intro to “The Premonition” came out of the speakers and after that was it time to bang some head to “The Flood”.

Dolving said that they had written a new album when they were out on the road and that they would start to record the new album soon. It was noticeable that the band were under some time pressure because Dolving didn’t talk as much as he normally does and the songs went a little faster but also a bit harder compared to how they sound on album. Before The Haunted and earlier during the evening  the commercial radio channel NRJ hosted a show with various pop artists on the same stage. Dolving now said that he wondered what kind of dicks that had been to see that show, he said he thought that music ought to be played live and not on play- or singback and if you’re not playing live music you don’t have anything to do on a stage. Do I need to say that the audience sympathized  with Dolving’s words and applauded him after his speech.





It was fun to see the wide range of ages of the fans, the older ones that had been around for a while stood at the back while the young and eager fans stood at the front by the fence. “The Guilt Trip” was the last song for the ordinary set list but after the band had gone off stage the fans wanted to hear more from their heroes and screamed for the band to come on stage again. The guys shortly returned and fired off the absolute last song for the night which was “No Compromise” and Dolving once again thanked everyone for being there and said that The Haunted loves you all. I think that a couple of thousand had come to see The Haunted and that is really good figures. Maybe this is a hint to the organizers to take hardrock and metal music more serious in the future because hardrock/metal fans are a force to be reckoned with. Overall was it an amazing show and I met several people that shared my opinion and I really long for the band to come out with a new album really soon so this trash machine can come out on tour again. The band also ran over Adept totally, this night belonged to the undisputed kings of thrash metal – The Haunted.


Set list

Moronic Colossus


Bury Your Dead


The Medication

Iron Mask

The Premonition (intro)

The Flood


Little Cage



The Guilt Trip

No Compromise


Big thanks goes out to Anna Karlsson at Malmoe Festival for help with photo-pass.

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