Malmoe Festival 2010 with Dolly Daggers, Royal Republic, Adept and The Haunted in Malmoe, Sweden

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Dolly Daggers, Royal Republic


23/8 – 2010

Adept, The Haunted

Stor Torget

25/8 – 2010

Malmoe Festival




Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall





So was it time for the 2010 version of the annual Malmoe festival that goes on for one week a year and it’s always held at the same week in August. It’s a free festival that doesn’t cost anything and during the week you can watch a bunch of various artists and bands and the musicstyles ranges from heavy metal to world music and pop. You can also take part in seminars, movies and performance art as well as eating food from all around the globe. There are a few stages placed around Malmoe where the different artists perform and the biggest stage is located at the Grand Square in the middle of Malmoe but there’s also smaller tents that hosts difference stages like the Jazztent, The 60’s Tent and the Swing tent to mention a few tents with stages. There were mostly Swedish acts that performed at the festival and a few of the bands were The Haunted, Khoma, Crazy Lixx and Band Of Horses. The bands that appealed the most to me were Dolly Daggers, The Haunted, Royal Republic and Adept.




The weather gods must have been pissed because the first day we attended the festival, which was of course also the day we were going to see two of the bands, the rain poured down and the wind blew so hard that the stage was almost about to blow into the ocean. We arrived to Posthusplatsen which is the name of the place where some of the bands played pretty early and were forced to listen to some kind of reggae artist that performed right before “our” band went on stage.


Dolly Daggers

The band we went to see was the local act Dolly Daggers that we have followed for a few years now. The band consists of:

Ludvig Sersam –  lead vocals

Maja Ljungberg – drums

Jonathan Sersam  – keyboards

Michael Fridh – guitar

Mattias Welin – bass

Since the last time I saw them the band has gone through some changes in the line-up and they have two new members and Ludvig “only” sings where before he used to play bass as well as singing. The band played great songs like “If I Could Dance”, “Neverending” and “People Like You” and besides those songs they also played a few new ones that I’ve never heard before but sounded great.  The one that moved around the most during the show was the amazing frontman Ludvig, he was all around the stage and tried to get the small and frozen crowd going. Even though the band doesn’t have a record deal yet they have done quite a lot of touring across Europe and have created a name for themselves.






Another one that really helped out Ludvig with connecting was his brother Jonathan on keyboards, he danced and gave his all on stage. “Never Ending” was the final and last song for the show which is a personal favourite song of mine that has potential to become a huge radio hit. It’s strange the Dolly Daggers haven’t recorded a debut album yet despite their heavy touring and many performances. Dolly Daggers played for 40 minutes and their show was really great and included every element needed for a Dolly Daggers show. There were glitter, dolls of various kinds, great music and charismatic band members. The only thing missing was the sun.





We had decided to refuse to be beat down by the rainy weather and stayed put to see another great act that really had a big break through in Sweden this year and that  are going out on tour in Germany soon.




Royal Republic

Adam Grahn – lead vocals, guitar

Hannes Irengard – guitar, vocals

Jonas Almen – bass, vocals

Per Andreasson – drums

The show kicked off with “Walking Down The Line” which right away set the mood of the show, the music was intense and the tempo was fierce punk rock ‘n’ roll at it’s best. The audience tagged along instantly and did their best to give the band a warm welcome despite the cold weather. Grahn said that we are Royal Republic from Malmoe Sweden and the next song is “All Because Of You” which was followed by “I Must Be Out Of My Mind” and “Cry Baby Cry”. The stage wasn’t overloaded with stuff so the guys had a lot of space to move around which they did, at least the three guys in the front. The music is a lot faster and heavier live compared on debut album which we felt and experienced at Sommar Rock Festival a few weeks earlier. “Full Steam Spachemachine” is the name of the bands latest hit single and that’s on heavy rotation on the national radio channel and when the band fired off the song did the crowd go crazy.




It felt like almost everyone in the audience sang a long with Grahn in the songs and that made the show feel more intimate and personal. “President’s Daughter” and the new song “Vicious” continued the show and they were followed by “010101”. Grahn was joking around on stage and said that if the people wanted to throw underwear (men’s) then throw them on Irengard and if they wanted to throw panties then throw then on Almen, if you want to throw liquor then throw in on me and no one else. It was a great kick off for the song “Underwear”. It’s not hard to get wrapped up in the music of Royal Republic just listen to their album WE ARE THE ROYAL and you know what I mean.

“Tommy Gun” is the name of the bands first hit single and the entire festival boiled when it was played live and after the final song suitably called “The End” the guys thanked us and got off stage.





The members soon came back and thanked the audience for the kindness and the warmth they had given them and everyone jumped down into the photo pit to chat, sign autographs and take pictures with the fans. Royal Republic delivered an amazing show that didn’t lack a thing except for warmer weather but that was nothing the band could do anything about. The band did a great show much better then they did at the Sommar Rock Festival some weeks back. This is the new export from Sweden when it comes to punk rock ‘n’ roll.


Set list

Walking Down The Line

All Because of You

I Must Be Out Of My Mind

Cry Baby Cry

Full Steam Spacemachine

President’s Daughter




Tommy Gun

The End


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