KHORS: Ukrainian Black Metal Legion To Reissue First Two Full-Lengths

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Paragon Records is proud to announce the reissue of The Flames Of Eternity’s Decline and Cold from Ukrainian black metal legion KHORS. The now classic first two full-lengths — originally released in 2005 and 2006 respectively — will come as a two-CD set with a new layout, nine bonus tracks and a rare early video from the band. Though KHORS have long progressed musically, these early recordings still brim with the unique atmosphere of Pagan black metal that the band was built upon. The Flames Of Eternity’s Decline/Cold will be released via Paragon Records on October 19, 2010. Check out the cover art HERE.

KHORS was formed by former Astrofaes bassist, Khorus, in August 2004, with an aim to create gloomy, atmospheric black metal. Sometime later, guitarist/vocalist Helg (Runes Of Dianceht) and drummer Khaoth (Tessaract, ex-Astrofaes, ex-Hate Forest) joined the fold. The band was later rounded out by guitarist Warth.

In related news, KHORS will unleash a new full-length, Return To Abandoned, to the masses later this year. Details to be revealed in the coming weeks.

The Flame Of Eternity’s Decline Track Listing

01. Wounds Of The Past

02. Eyes Of Eternal Loneliness

03. Throne Of Antiquity

04. Trees are remembers

05. Breath

06. Moan Of The Grief

07. Spirit Of Fury

08. Flame Of Eternity


09. Wounds Of The Past (wood mix)

10. Spirit Of Fury (moon mix)

11. Moan Of The Grief (live)

12. Trees Are Remembers (demo)

13. Eyes Of Eternal Loneliness (demo)

14. Throne Of Antiquity (demo)

15. Flame Of Eternity (demo)

Cold Track Listing:

01. Cold

02. Ashes

03. Garnet

04. Misery

05. Conscious Burning

06. Whispers

07. In The Depths Of Black Hills

08. The Abyss


09. Cold (art-rock version)

10. Ashes (live)

11. Garnet (video)

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