Getaway Rockfestival 2010 at Gasklockorna in Gavle, Sweden

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Getaway Rockfestival




8-10/7 – 2010


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall






2010 was the fist year that the Getaway Rockfestival was held. Earlier this year when I read the line-up of bands that the festival had gathered I immediately decided to pay the festival a visit. The festival was held in Gavle, a smaller town located in the middle of Sweden at an old industrial area in the middle of the town. The same day there was also another hardrock/metal festival thrown about 200 kilometres north of Gavle in Mohed. It was truly an unhappy coincidence that the two festivals that both focused on harder music collided and I hope that if the both festivals are gonna be held next year they talk to each other so that they don’t collide next year as well. The Getaway band line-up featured names like Therapy?, Megadeth, Overkill, Airbourne, Slash, Motorhead, The Quireboys, Dark Tranquillity, Grand Magus, Mustasch and Crucified Barbara to mention a “few”. Many of the bands like Slash, Megadeath and Airborne did there only festival shows in Sweden here.

Just a few weeks earlier one of the oldest and most respected Swedish mixed festival – Hultsfreds Festival went bankrupt and the festival was cancelled only two weeks before it was time to go. Many of the other festivals offered the people that had bought tickets to the Hultsfreds Festival to come to their festival for only some money and if they showed their original ticket and so did Getaway Festival. One of the band’s that was going to play at the Hultsfreds festival was Deftones and of course there were a  lot of people disappointed when the show didn’t take place so Getaway Rock festival booked Deftones to their festival instead. That was good for all the people that like this band. Getaway Rock Festival had also their fair share of band cancellations like Deicide for example.



There were three stages in the area called Monster Energy Stage, Bandit Stage which both were outdoor stages and the inside stage called Gasklockan Stage. I arrived to the festival at one o’clock during the first day. I had been on the bus for the entire night because Gavle is located 850 kilometres from Malmoe where I live. It took me a while to find out where the festival was held and the way to the camping area but after I had installed myself and my tent rested for a while and then it  was it time to hit the festival and to see the evenings first show. The sun burned on everyone and it was about 30C in the shadows. Strangely enough didn’t the band have any stop time and when I asked the press coordinator he said that it wasn’t set yet. According to the organizers was the festival sold out and about 10.700 people were gonna attend each day of the festival but it was hard for me to judge if that was correct.

Well inside the area I first see the huge Bandit Stage, merchandise stands, food stands and a little bit further into the area I see theMonster Energy Stage. At the left of the Monster Stage was the VIP area and the area felt intimate and close even though it was quite big. In the middle of the area was a long house situated in which you could eat and drink and across the Monster Energy Stage was also a beer tent placed. You could see both the big stages from the beer tent. I stood in the shadows watching Dark Tranquillity from a distance but my first planned show to attend was the fierce mean machines from down under in Airbourne. When it was about 30 minutes left to the showtime I walked over to the photo pit below the Monster Energy Stage.



The show kicked off right away with “Raise The Flag” and “Hellfire” and the band members are:

Joel O’Keffe – lead vocals, guitar

David Roads – guitar

Ryan O’Keffe – drums

Justin Street – bass

As always did Joel enter the stage without a shirt on and wondered how the fuck we were doing. He said that it was great to be back in Sweden again and introduced “Chewin The Fat” taken from their latest album NO GUTS NO GLORY. The trio at the front of the stage used the space to the maximum and ran around like maniacs during the show. Joel was like a tornado on stage and was everywhere at the same time. “Diamond In The Rough” followed and it was accompanied by a bottle of Jack Daniels that kept Joel company during the show. “Girls In Black” followed and Joel did something like he did at the show at Graaspop Metal Meeting in Belgium where I last saw the live this summer. Joel climbed up on the light rig with his guitar on his back and he didn’t stop until he was at the top of the stage above the lighting gear. There he hang upside down on his knees looking down on the audience while playing guitar. The music continued while he climbed down again and Joel thanked everyone for being there and listening to Airbourne. Do I need to say that the audience loved Airbourne? “Cheap Wine, Cheaper Women” continued the show and Joel held up his bottle of Jack and said that he drank cheap wine but the the women were cheaper. Then he asked us for a favour, he wanted us to put our friend, our girlfriend or whoever we attended the show with, on our shoulders and many of the people took his wish seriously and there were a lot of people sitting on each others shoulders right away.




“Born To Kill” and the much loved “No Way But The Hard Way” followed before Joel introduced “To Much, To Young, To Fast”. Airbourne is always nice to see live because they are such a dedicated band and they always do their absolute best on stage. Joel thanked his crew, the festival and their crew and the band and the fans for an amazing show and an amazing festival. In the last song Joel wanted to see a circle-pit during the last song “Running Wild”. During the song, that lasted a little extra, Joel smashed 4 beer cans on his head and as soon as he had broken all 4 cans he ended the song.




I was amazed by the band and it wasn’t the first time they blew my mind. I really love Airbourne and I promise you that you’re never bored at an Airbourne concert. The only minor negative thing was the pretty small crowd. I had thought that a lot more people would have turned up to see the maniacs from Australia.




Set list

Raise The Flag


Chewin The Fat

Diamond In The Rough

Girls In Black

Cheap Wine Cheaper Women

Born To Kill

No Way But The Hard Way

To Much To Young To Fast

Running Wild

As soon as Airbourne had stopped playing on the Monster Energy Stage the Deftones kicked off their show on the Bandit Stage which gave me practically no time to run over to the other stage to see Deftones. Instead I searched for some shadows and some water and sat down and waited for Megadeth to go on. I sat and watched when the roadies prepared the stage for Dave Mustaine and members and the stage included a huge drum kit and a gigantic backdrop with Mr. Vic on it. The stage looked exactly like it did when they played at Copenhell Festival earlier this year. Below the drum kit on each side coffins were placed. As everyone knows Megadeth is out celebrating the 20 year anniversary of their megahit album RUST IN PEACE. More and more people started to turn up as well as more and more photographers. When I stood in line to get in to the photo pit along came the head of security and told us exactly what we didn’t want to hear. Because of the large amount of photographers the crew were forced to divide us into two separate groups. The festival had done the classical error, to let in too many press people and have too small a photo pit. When the intro had faded out the first group was let into the pit and the rest had to wait for their turn.



“Wake Up Dead” was the first song for Megadeth this evening and the audience gave the band a really warm welcome. “In My Darkest Hour” continued on the show and the band members are:

Dave Mustaine – lead vocals, guitar

Chris Broderick – guitar

Shawn Drover – drums

David Ellefsen – bass

Mustaine said that the next song was written about his ex-wife and it was “She Wolf” taken from the album CRYPTIC WRITINGS. Mustaine seemed actually quite happy on stage and told us that the next song he wrote after being at the dentist and it was of course “Skin O’ My Teeth”. The audience in front of the stage was really mad and Mustaine had the fans in the palm of his hand right from the start. I think that most of the people who had showed up for the gig were waiting for the songs from RUST IN PEACE and when Broderick fired off “Holy Wars….The Punishment Due” the audience screamed  their lungs out. Everywhere I looked there were air guitar duels and headbanging going on and everyone around me looked really happy with big smiles on their faces. “Hangar 18” followed immediately before “Five Magic”, “Poison Was The Cure” and “Tornado Of Souls” continued. Ellefsen seemed to be having a great time on stage and I bet I’m not the only one who has missed having him in Megadeth. Mustaine then went off stage for a short while did Drover, Broderick and Ellefsen begin playing the intro to “Dawn Patrol”. While they were doing that Mustaine’s voice came out of the speakers and he sang the first verse of the song, right after that he came out on stage again. Megadeth didn’t invite anyone to sing a long but as everyone probably already knows the band, and especially Mustaine, are a really reserved band live.


Mustaine thanked the audience for their huge support and fired off the song “Trust” from the album CRYPTIC WRITINGS. To my surprise didn’t Megadeth played three songs from the album and I wasn’t the only one who was surprised by that, they are after all out and celebrating the 20 year anniversary of RUST IN PEACE then why leave out three of the songs on the album? By now had the darkness gotten a steady grip of Gavle and the amazing lights on stage could be fully used. During the summer it takes a while before it gets dark in the northern parts of Sweden but at least had the darkness come. “Angry Again” taken from the movie Last Action Hero then followed and it was quite fun to hear such an unexpected song live. Mustaine said that it was now time to play a song from the latest album ENDGAME called “Headcrusher” and the audience sang a long in the song. Mustaine’s voice was fierce as always and there wasn’t no sign of tiredness at all. Even though Mustaine’s vocal chords inhabits the best singing voice in the world I do think that his voice fits to the music he plays and his characteristical voice is a trade mark of Megadeth’s music. When Mustaine said that he was gonna work on his French I think everyone knows what song that was coming up? Of course it was the classical “A Tout Le Monde” that transcended straight into “Sweating Bullets” that needles to say was another crowd pleaser.



“Symphony Of Destruction” ended the ordinary set list and by then was the audience in a melt-down. By then had Megadeth played for abut 1.15 but of course couldn’t the band leave without bringing an encore. After a while came everyone except Mustaine and Ellefsen took the mic and said that it had been a pleasure performing in Sweden and thanked us for all the kindness. “Peace Sells” kicked off and Mustaine once again entered the stage and the band invited the audience to sing a long in the chorus. Halfway through the song it transcended into “Mechanix” and at the end of the song Mustaine presented his band mates. Broderick’s contribution to the show was a really great guitar solo at the end of “Mechanix” that transcended back to “Peace Sells”. That song also ended the entire show and after about 90 minutes of Megadeth the crowd was happy and satisfied. It was really strange though that the audience wasn’t bigger, it was only a few thousand there to see Megadeth. I mean, this was a golden opportunity to hear the RUST IN PEACE album almost from back to back and it was strange that not many took a chance to see and hear that. It was a different set list but it included many of the songs that gave Megadeth world class status and it was great fun to once again see Ellefsen back in the band. Mustaine was also in a fairly good mood and that doesn’t happen often. It was a minus that the band didn’t play the entire RUST IN PEACE album from beginning to end, I had wished to hear the three songs they didn’t play as well. Drover and Broderick did a great job but I think it’s time for Mustaine to gather the old line-up again. I long to see Menza, Friedman, Ellefsen and Mustaine back together again.


Set list

Wake Up Dead

In My Darkest Hour

She Wolf

Skin O’ My Teeth

Holy Wars…. The Punishment Due

Hangar 18

Five Magics

Poison Was The Cure

Tornado Of Souls

Dawn Patrol


Angry Again


A Tout Le Monde

Sweating Bullets

Symphony Of Destruction


Peace Sells/Mechanix/Peace Sells medley

Megadeth was the last band for me to see this first day of the festival and it was only to begin the 10 minute journey to the camping and try to catch some well earned sleep. The following day was my main option to be awake and ready by noon so I could get to the area in time to see the English rockers in The Quireboys.


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