SABATON – Official Release of the New “Uprising” Video!

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Sabaton - Coat of Arms
Sabaton - Coat of Arms

After much anticipation the new Sabaton video for “Uprising” is now available online. See it below:

Sabaton – Uprising (2010)


sabaton uprising
sabaton uprising

In a recent interview with, Sabaton vocalist Joakim Brodén spoke about the video for “Uprising”:

I’ve seen the trailer for your new video “Uprising” and it looks phenomenal! When’s the release date for online viewers?

It will be the first or second of August. We’re going to go down to Poland for an August 1st premiere which is the anniversary of the start of the Warsaw uprising. I’m looking forward to seeing it as well as I’ve only seen the trailer, the same as you (laughs). So I’m really excited. I’ve seen some additional footage without music when we were back in Poland in early June and it looks great. We actually told the  director to cut as much as possible of us, Sabaton, headbanging, out of the video because we had actual real good actors. I’d never heard of the Polish ones before, they are the main male and female actors in the video. It turns out they are really famous in Poland.  Also in the video is Peter Stormare who of course we all know from Armageddon and from Prison Break. He grew up only an hour and a half drive away from where we live now. He’s the same kind of fucked up person as we are (laughs). It’s a pleasure to see professional actors, even though we’ve been making music videos with 2-3 people in the production and then the band, you know you play the songs over and over and over for five hours. They do there to get many different camera angles of like the drummer or whatever. But this time it wasn’t like that at all. We were actually done after playing for maybe 2 – 2.5 hours in costume. I did some additional acting which was scary because I’m not an actor. It was really nice to have the focus on the story that we were telling instead of just six guys headbanging.

Peter StormareDid you guys request Peter Stormare to play a role in the video?

Yes that’s because we like him as an actor and our booking agent in Sweden is a friend of his. He knew of us through a Swedish band called H.E.A.T. which are on his label (the band is signed by Peter Stormares record label StormVox).  They even played with us, supporting us for a couple of shows in Sweden and Europe.  So we thought, we’d ask him…he’s a really good actor. So put it out there and see what happens. The manager said “Yeah, Peter gets 50 or maybe more suggestions about making music videos every year, so I’ll ask him, but don’t get your hopes up.” Then we heard back “Hell yes, I’m coming!” just like that! What he said made the difference was first that we came from his part of Sweden, and secondly, when most bands ask him to be in their music video they ask him to show up to like a desert outside of  Vegas and have him play the bad guy, shoot people, go party and fuck hookers. But he said we had something different here, with a plan, a vision, telling a true story. It was not “Hello will you be in our video?”. It was like, “Hello would you like to participate, you would be playing the role of SS-Obergruppenführer von dem Bach.” I really admire him as an actor, and even more after. After we recorded the video with him we had such a fucking blast (laughs).  I could tell you of a few things that happened but well (laughs)….

It’s not safe to publish.

No…it’s not (laughing).

UPRISINGThe song title “Uprising” and what the song is about made me think of a film that I really like called “Uprising” which stars such great actors as Jon Voight and Donald Sutherland. Did that film at all inspire the song, or have you even watched it?

You mean the one with  David Schwimmer from Friends as well?

Yes and Leelee Sobieski and Hank Azaria.

Yeah, actually I got that movie from our web master half way through the album production. I had about 80% of the song written already and some mock-up lyrics, temporary lyrics. I was signing “rise or fall” not “Warsaw” at that time. He heard it and said he had a movie that was about this stuff, so he gave me a copy of the movie. It was really a good help in finishing the song. I also saw a CNN Documentary that I found online…probably illegal, but if I could of paid for it, I would of, but the CNN Documentary aired in the early 2000’s like 2003-2004 and it’s about the Warsaw uprising. It featured a lot of interviews from the survivors who were actually fighting. Stuff like that is really a gold mine when trying to get a closer connection to the song.

Partnering up with the Warsaw Rising Museum, the “Radoslaw” Reenactment Group, the Wizna 1939 Association and Polish fans, the “Uprising” video from Sweden’s SABATON, “a powerful and emotional tribute to those who lost their lives in the Warsaw uprising in 1944,” is now online at this location.  It also features archival materials provided by Filmoteka Narodowa.  The “Making Of” video with English subtitles can be viewed here.  Stills from the video shoot can be viewed here.

Filmed in Warsaw, Poland, “Uprising” was directed by Jacek Raginis (who is related to decorated WWII hero Wladyslav Raginis) and features an appearance by Swedish actor Peter Stormare (“Prison Break,”, “8MM,” “Fargo”) as SS-Obergruppenführer von dem Bach.
“Uprising” comes off SABATON’s fifth album and Nuclear Blast debut, Coat Of Arms which debuted at #124 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and #87 on the Top Hard Music chart.  Worldwide first-week chart entries were as follows: Sweden #4; Poland #9; Finland #17; Germany #19; Switzerland #33 and Austria #71.

The band’s headlining “World War Tour” kick offs on August 27 and consists of over 60 shows in more than 20 countries.

Read’s recent interview with lead singer Joakim Brodén here.’s interview with SABATON bassist Pär Sundström  can be viewed here.

Visit SABATON online at,, and

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