Your Demise – Ignorance Never Dies

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Reviewed: August 2010
Released: 2009, Earache Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Ignorance Never Dies does not disappoint. This is a vicious album that fuses hardcore punk and metal. It un-sheepishly continues to brutalize track after track.

The guitars, handled by Stuart Paice and Daniel Osborne respectively, are visceral and scathing. The drums, manned by James Tailby, are precise, never miss a beat, and are in total groove. This is all being boosted by the bass of James Sampson, which is a melting pot of technique and skill. All of this headed by the roar of George Noble (Now replaced by Ed McRae as of 2009).

My favourite track of this album by far is “The Clocks Aren’t Ticking”.
It’s an amazing track filled with Pantera style groove with punk ethics. The track “Unknown Dub” presents a brief respite, some may question its inclusion but I think it helps vastly to complete the sonic assault of this record.
This album has actually been a big influence on myself, and I hope more people listen to it and enjoy all it has to offer.

(Danny Draper)


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Track Listing:
01. Ignorance Never Dies
02. Burnt Tongues
03. Nothing Left But Regret
04. Antipode
05. Hypochondriac
06. Dreaming Of Believing
07. TF
08. Unknown Dub
09. The Clocks Aren\’t Ticking Backwards
10. Feels Like There\’s Something Dark Inside
11. All I Never Want To Be
12. Great Shape
13. Black Veins
14. Blood Ran Cold

George Noble – Vocals
On record)
Ed McRae (2009-Present)
Stuart Paice – Guitar
Daniel Osborne – Guitar
James Sampson – Bass
James Tailby – Drums


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