Sons of Liberty – Brush Fires of the Mind

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Reviewed: August 2010
Released: 2010, Century Media
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

First thing I have to say; I absolutely freaking love this album! It’s a great all round record, with great production and great quality. The musicianship is fantastic and it was nearly entirely composed, written, produced and sung by Jon Shaffer. No mean feat, but when you consider this is the man who has masterminded some masterpieces for Iced Earth, its almost obvious that it would be great.

Even for programmed drums, I’m quite impressed to how they sound. I won’t ever abandon my love for great sounding acoustic drumming, but they do a very good job on this record. The subject matter for this album is just amazing. Fortunately I’ve recently seen the two Zeitgeist movies and this album is the closest version of it represented by metal! The lyrics deal with Patriotism, The Monetary system and the devastating effects of its hold on America, and also how the forefathers of America warned the future generations of this evil.

It’s definitely a tragic story as well as an uplifting anthem of rebellion for the people. For me, every track is unique and well written. It is a concept record, but the songs can stand alone. Particular favourites for me are \”Don’t Tread on Me\”, \”Our Dying Republic\” and \”Tree of Liberty\” (which has a Randy Rhodes-esque Rhythm Lick). It also features a reprise of sorts of \”We the People\” being played acoustically out in the streets.

This is an amazing record; I fully recommend it to anyone who has a remote interest in music at all.

(Danny Draper)


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Track Listing:
01 Jekyll Island
02 Don’t Tread On Me
03 False Flag
04 Our Dying Republic
05 Indentured Servitude
06 Tree of Liberty
07 The Cleansing Wind
08 We the People

Jon Schaffer – Lead and Backing vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Drum Programming

Ruben Drake – Bass Guitar and Electric stand-up Bass

Troy Seele – Guitar solos on Don\’t Tread on Me, Feeling Helpless

Howard Helm – Piano on The Cleansing Wind, Backing Vocals

Jeff Brandt – Backing Vocals

Guest Musicians:
Jim Morris – Guitar solos on Jekyll Island, Our Dying Republic, Indentured Servitude, The Cleansing Wind, plus backing vocals and additional Drum Programming


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