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Devil Sold His Soul

Album launch @ The Old Blue Last

12th July 2010

Reviewer: Ben Spencer

Photos: Altercarnated Photography

Monday the 12th of July was a smoulderingly hot day in London.

After several weeks of t-shirt wearing weather and sitting as close to an electric fan as humanly possible the day had finally come when I would find myself caught amidst the rain on my journey home from ‘Devil Sold His Soul’s’ album launch show, it was one hundred and ten percent worth it though.

The old Blue last was a small and intimate venue where the likes of Radiohead had performed private shows. Tonight’s supporting acts included post hardcore rockers ‘Brides’ and the supersonic speed of ‘Maths’.

The opening act served as a worthy springboard to tonight’s chaotic onslaught of noise as ‘BRIDES’ set streamed flawlessly from one song to the next.


Vocalists Max and Tristan wet the appetites of the venue.


Musically these guys hit the right notes at the right times, brutal riffs with well coordinated breakdowns sit well with the more technical guitar moments.


The only drawback for the quartet was that the room was half packed, those who missed it well and truly missed out. ‘BRIDES have potential and in time I am sure good things will come of them.

Cranking up the volume and packing out the venue was the scream machine ‘Maths’.


These guys hold no bars in their furious pursuit to deafen the ears of everyone in ‘The Old Blue Last’.The rapid fire pace remained consistent and while their songs may appear short in duration they demonstrate a quality of musicianship that will leave your jaw dropped and hanging like so for a good few minutes after their departure.


While these guys insisted for some reason to have their backs turned be sure that they have their heads screwed on.


Fans of Converge will not be disappointed at what these guys have to offer.

The moment everyone had been waiting for had arrived.

The now darkly lit skies outside the Old Blue Last’s windows bought forth six devils from the abyss. It was time for them to take charge of their instruments, dazzle us with flashing light display and show the room what the end of the world sounds like.


As the opener Tides pierces our ears the cinematic intro of Crane Lake intercepts without hesitation.


The sextet pummel onward and upward with new anthems that have never been played lived before: The Disappointment and Frozen being prime examples of them radiating with new energy and grandeur.


The weight and magnitude of their set pulls us down in the sinister riffs of Callous Heart and raises us back up in the clean passages of An Ocean of Lights. Their set also included the older material from A Fragile Hope album, As the storm unfolds and sirens Chant remind fans of how far they have come and how their signature sound is as powerful as ever.


Upon the closure of they return to their instruments for one final anthem of destruction. After a short drum build up the song Hope exploded into its full force which encompassed everything I have come to appreciate about this band and what they do.

This was a live performance that will not be forgotten easily and with a new album, European tour dates and a support slot with Architects in the September Rocksound UK tour the best is yet to come for these guys!