ACLLA: “Landscape Revolution” preview on MySpace

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The band ACLLA, from São Paulo – Brazil, uploaded a preview of their

debut album “Landscape Revolution” on the official MySpace. The songs

“The Totem”, “Jaguar”, “Under Twilight Skies” and “The Hidden Dawn”

can be considered as a Heavy Metal genre.

According to the vocalist Tato Deluca: “Finally it is almost time to

show the power of the band for Brazil and abroad. We have been working

really hard to finish this record and I am sure that our fans will

enjoy it. It is pure, direct and an extremely technical Heavy Metal


Besides of the experienced singer Tato Deluca, ACLLA is formed by

Chrystian Dozza and Denison Fernandes (guitars), Bruno Ladislau (bass)

and Eloy Casagrande (drums / Andre Matos Solo).

In the meantime, ACLLA continues to book the concerts in support to

the upcoming album which is planned to be released in the second

semester in this year.

Please send an e-mail to for booking a

concert in your city.

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