THE BODY: Full Album Streaming Now; Two-Month Tour Begins This Week

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As THE BODY are instilling fear into the masses with their upcoming full-length All Of The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood, At A Loss Recordings has posted the entire album for the public to hear! All seven scathing hymns are streaming now at this location:

Also in support of the album, the damaging duo are also gearing-up to take to the road this week, kicking off a mammoth two-month long tour. The brutal trek begins in Brooklyn this Thursday and runs through the middle of September; quite a grueling tour for the two-man act. THE BODY are self-booking this entire tour in their self-sufficient D.I.Y. fashion, but many shows are still being booked. If you might be able to supply the band with a show please contact Earsplit or the band directly:

THE BODY Summer 2010 U.S. Offensive:

7/22/2010 Acheron – New York, NY w/Bad Dream, Curandera, Attake

7/24/2010 The Shop – Pittsburgh, PA

7/25/2010 The Bishop – Bloomington, IN

7/25/2010 Metal Shaker – Chicago, IL w/ Gates, Regrets

7/27/2010 The Bong Ward – Milwaukee, WI

7/28/2010 The Bedlam Theater – Minneapolis, MN

7/29/2010 *house show – Lincoln, NE

8/01/2010 Hunting Parties Fest @ The Morgue – Seattle, WA

8/02/2010 *house show – Olympia, WA

8/03/2010 Plan B – Portland, OR

8/04/2010 The Know – Portland, OR

8/05/2010 *TBA – Sacramento, CA

8/06/2010 924 Gilman Street – Oakland, CA

8/08/2010 *TBA – Oakland, CA

8/09/2010 Jose’s Lounge Underground – Monterey, CA

8/10/2010 *TBA – Los Angeles

8/11/2010 *TBA – Los Angeles

8/12/2010 *TBA – Las Vegas

8/13/2010 *TBA – Las Vegas

8/14/2010 *TBA – Phoenix, AZ

8/15/2010 *TBA – Flagstaff, AZ

8/16/2010 *TBA – Albuquerque, NM

8/17/2010 *TBA – Denver, CO

8/18/2010 The Studded Bird – Kansas City, MO

8/19/2010 The Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK

8/20/2010 *TBA – Tulsa, OK

8/21/2010 *TBA – Fayetteville, AR

8/22/2010 *TBA – Baton Rouge, LA

8/23/2010 *TBA – New Orleans, LA

8/24/2010 *TBA – Little Rock, AR

8/25/2010 *TBA

8/26/2010 *TBA

8/27/2010 *TBA

8/28/2010 The Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA

8/29/2010 Sluggo’s – Pensacola, FL

8/30/2010 *TBA – Gainesville, FL

8/31/2010 Transitions – Tampa, FL

9/01/2010 *TBA – Ft Meyers, FL

9/02/2010 *TBA – Miami, FL

9/03/2010 *TBA – Jacksonville, FL

9/04/2010 *TBA – Chapel Hill, SC

9/05/2010 Static Age Records – Asheville, NC w/ Enoch, US Christmas

9/06/2010 Legit Bix – Greensboro, NC

9/07/2010 *TBA – Nashville, TN

9/08/2010 APOP Records – St. Louis, MO

9/09/2010 *TBA – Louisville, KY

9/10/2010 *TBA – Cincinnati, OH

9/11/2010 *TBA – Columbus, OH

9/12/2010 *TBA – Charleston, SC

9/13/2010 *TBA – Richmond, VA

9/14/2010 *TBA – Washington, DC

9/15/2010 *TBA – Baltimore, MD

9/16/2010 *TBA – New York, NY

9/17/2010 *TBA – MA
Already being dubbed as an incredibly original and ultimately creepy by the media and fans alike, the dense, diverse seven tracks on All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood form of the most twisted releases in recent doom metal history. The typical duo of THE BODY have teamed up with The Assembly Of Light Choir on this damning full-length, adding a totally mind engulfing, spine-chilling and downright freaky twist to the band’s already devastating doom.

All Of The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood was self-released on vinyl by the band in June. It will be released on CD via At A Loss Recordings next Tuesday, July 27th, but is available now via the label and band links below.

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