INFERNAEON Reveal Guest Appearances and Track Listing of New Album

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Floridian extreme metallers, INFERNAEON, have unveiled the track listing for their upcoming album, “Genesis To Nemesis” due out August 31, and have announced guest appearances by GWAR’s front man, Oderus Urungus, Erik Rutan, John Zahner of Savatage (who served as keyboard engineer) and Bill Hudson and John Slaughter of Coldera.

The track listing is as follows:
1. Into The N.O.X.
2. First of the Fallen
3. Lilith Ave. Satanas  (Bill Hudson, guest guitar solo)
4. Legacy of Kane  (Erik Rutan, guest vocals)
5. Ziasudra
6. Creeping Death  (Oderus Urungus, guest vocals)
7. The Scar of David
8. Immaculate Deception
9. Graven Image  (John Slaughter, guest guitar solo)
10. Revelations

Quoth Oderus, lord of Earth and master of the human slaves…”I am am always pleased to help any friend of the dark lord, so when Brian, known Satanist, and his band of evil fucks contacted me about covering a Metallica song, I said fine, as long as I got a ton of cash out of the deal. I must say that I am very fucking pleased with the way the track came out, but then again anything I do is fucking brilliant. But the track is fucking amazing. Sometimes the vocals don’t even sound like me. Someone told me that was because it was a duet. I don’t really know what that meant, so I rammed a pike through the dude’s head.”

INFERNAEON’s vocalist, Brian Werner commented on the recording, the album concept and Oderus Urungus’ appearance; “Every bad thing possible was thrown at us and we had to eat some serious shit on a silver spoon and smile about it afterwards to get this done. We actually wrote almost an entire other album that we threw out and started from scratch after we trimmed the fat over a year ago, but it couldn’t be a better situation now. (Guitarists) Steven (Harger) and Taylor (Nordberg) did a fucking amazing job creating a sonic ‘image’ which complimented the entire album concept perfectly. The album itself is the entire story of the bible from beginning to end, however, it’s told historically accurately instead of the brain dead point of view the bible tries to portray. For example, the song ‘Ziasudra’ is the story of Noah and the flood. However, it’s about the Sumerian king, Ziasudra, who the Noah story was stolen from and perverted into this bullshit Christian mythology that they’re all so fucking stupid for believing in.

“ Having Oderus on the album was a fucking dream come true! I’ve been a fucking GWAR fan since I was 10 years old, when I first heard ‘The Road Behind.’ We had talked about doing a cover song for a long time and we really wanted to do something but do it our way. Since we tune to E standard it’s difficult to pick something because most metal bands tune down, so we originally were going to do ‘Go To Hell’ by Megadeth but it didn’t fit the album concept. Then I realized we didn’t have a song yet for the Moses portion of the Old Testament so we said, ‘Fuck it let’s do ‘Creeping Death’’ and it was just a perfect fit, musically and conceptually, and on top of that it turned out sounding just evil as fuck, especially with the keys.

“ All in all, recording at Mana was an amazing experience as always; Brian (Elliott) and Erik (Rutan) are killer motherfuckers and always are intense to work with and always put forth 100% every time. Mix all the elements together with some Crowley-esque Thelema thrown in and I’m very proud to say that it turned out better then we could have expected!”

“Genesis To Nemesis,” was recorded with producer Brian Elliott at Mana Recording Studios (Goatwhore, Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal) in St. Petersburg, Florida, and picks up where 2007’s “A Symphony of Suffering,” (which Metal Hammer described as, “brave, unflinchingly inventive and jackhammer-heavy from beginning to end,”) left off, with a devastating mix of Floridian death metal and symphonic, sinister European black metal. It is the first recording with new guitarists Taylor Nordberg and Steven Harger, as well as bassist Mike Poggione. INFERNAEON will be hitting the road this fall for an extensive US tour, and have previously shared the stage with the likes of Malevolent Creation, Deicide, Atheist, Deeds of Flesh, Vile, and Impaled.

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