NOCTURNAL FEAR studio report


Michigan thrash institution NOCTURNAL FEAR check in with the following studio report for forthcoming album Excessive Cruelty: “We look forward to recording our next assault this winter,” according to NF mastermind Chris Slavehunter. “This new shit will be our heaviest yet. I’ve begun a relationship with Engl amps outta Germany and received two prototype Powerball heads with my custom Vektor mod done to them by my guitar tech, and as always, I’ll be playing my USA BC Rich Bich guitars custom modded to play extreme WAR METAL! As the number-one band supporting the US Armed Forces, I promise our new album, Excessive Cruelty, will cause massive collateral damage on a genocidal scale!”

As previously reported, NOCTURNAL FEAR recently added new member Warmonger on bass. The band is rounded out by Devastator on vocals, Rev. Chris Slavehunter PhD on all guitars, and Aggressor on drums. A release date for NOCTURNAL FEAR’s Excessive Cruelty will be announced later this year. In the meantime, consult and

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