IknowAGhost – Deviations

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Reviewed: July 2010
Released: 2010, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

IKnowAGhost are a Metal / Hardcore / Progressive band from the UK who formed in 2009. I found Deviations EP to be quite interesting, there’s a definite influence that you could say is drawn from the last fifteen years. Featuring progressive and metal-core styles and ideas, the brutality is also blended superbly well with melancholy.

A great example of this would be the \’Ending of Ambience\’ or the middle section of \’Albuquerque Where Art Thy?\’ The vocals are ferocious, like Ed James Belk is breathing fire through his throat and the musicianship is the same, it keeps brutalising throughout.

There are more calmer moments in the vocals, which I didn\’t feel were the strongest part of this bands arsenal as the melancholic guitars and general ambience of those parts are a definite strong point, its matches the ferocity with equal measure.

A stand out track for me would be \’Where Did You Get Those Clothes\’; I think this track encapsulates the band quite well or \’From What We Believe\’ which is also an amazing track. These two tracks feature all aspects of their searing sonic assault; there are breaks, melody and double bass.

It features some very progressive time and tempo changes, as well as some very intricate guitars. The bass holds it all together, but there could have been more of it in the mix. The production on this is not great – rather low-fi – but I think this compliments the eerie-ness of the music. I think that is the only thing that lets it down, but the band as musicians show promise.

(Written By: Danny Draper)


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Track Listing:
01 – Depths
02 – This Is Madness
03 – Walker Texas Ranger
04 – Ambience
05 – Albuquerque, Where Art Thy?
06 – Where Did You Get Those Clothes?
07 – From What We Believe

Ed James Belk – Vocals
Mathew Taylor – Drums
Si Pritchard – Guitar
James Butlin – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jason Robinson – Bass Guitar


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