Godslave – Thrashed (Split) [EP]

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Reviewed: July 2010
Released: 2009, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Godslave are a thrash metal band hailing from Germany. Originally calling themselves Slavery (2000-2007), they changed their name to the more anti-Religious GodSlave in 2008 – a tad more befitting for a band who clearly count thrash legends Slayer as a key influence. The band formed in 2008 officially and are comprised of five members in total.

Key lyrical themes are \’War, Metal and Fighting\’! Previously unfamiliar with said band, I had to really use all my googling \’skills\’ to actually find some information on them. Signed to an indie label, clearly relishing their underground metal hero status, their Myspace simply states in the \’about you\’ section – No need for the fucking info! Well they got my vote on that alone! True punk rock ethics and a fundamental element of the thrash movement.

Listening to the Thrashed Split EP it was immediately evident that these guys were about the music, as well as the attitude! Accessible yet edgy in sound and with a really discernible punk/ death metal hybrid (at times) backing, Godslave caught my attention from the opening track and maintained it, more or less!

It might be easy to overlook them, especially given for instance, their atypical image and album, artwork, however they are a slight cut above your usual run of the mill metal band.
Their songs are as one might expect, given the musical sub genre, short, loud and just the right side of raw.

Vocalist Thommy screams and growls with admirable hatred/angst/anger and the rest of the band maintain a tight, creative backing.

I personally really enjoyed \’Our School\’,track one, but would recommend any one who is a metal fan (and if you’re reading this review im guessing that this applies!)give GodSlave a chance!

They are a solid part of the metal scene and with numerous tour dates in their homeland and surely beyond, rapidly approaching, it is possibly only a matter of time before they start making some serious noise of the influential kind…

Written by Sophia Disgrace


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Track Listing:
1-Our School
2-Wings of Wrath
3-The Forest Burns

Thommy – Vocals
Bernie – Guitar
Blitz – Bass
Meyer – Guitar
Tobi – Drums