Copenhagen Live Festival at Amager Strandpark in Copenhagen, Denmark 2010

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Copenhagen Live Festival 2010

Amager Strandpark



2/6 – 2010

With ……


Bullet For My Valentine,

Skunk Anansie,



Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall





Copenhagen Live Festival was a one day festival that took place at Amager Strandpark just outside Copenhagen. The festival was arranged by ICO Concert and they have experience with arranging shorter festivals. The first two acts that were announced to perform at the festival was the German  industrial metal maniacs Rammstein and the Danish dynamite act Volbeat. Later announcements were acts like Skunk Anansie, Slash and Bullet For My Valentine. The festival was held on two stages, one smaller and one larger and the event opened at noon. The first act went on stage at 1 pm and  it was Lunar Path on the small stage. At 1:40 Slash went on the big stage. The festival was scheduled to close at 11 the same night. On the small stage band’s like Lunar Path and Blackstar Halo from Finland performed and from Denmark came Shotgun Revolution, Black City and Heywire. The bands that interested me played on the larger stage.

This festival show was the only one that Volbeat did on this Island for the summer (Denmark is situated on several smaller Islands) and rumour said that Rammstein were gonna perform with their flame and fire show. The bands I focused on and really was looking forward to seeing was Volbeat and Slash. Both performed on the larger number one stage.

Me and my friend weren’t the only ones that had our minds set on Copenhagen Live Festival this day and the train was full of Swedes that were going to cross the bridge to Denmark. We walked the long distance to the festival area but we didn’t mind because the sun was shining from a clear blue sky. In fact this day was the first warm summer day for the year. The line outside the doors was long when we arrived but luckily the crew worked fast to get everyone inside the area and I could get my media pass with no delay or problems. The Strandpark is really beautiful and is located just beside the ocean. There were all kinds of people at the festival. Both young and old, teenagers with their parents as well as older gentlemen that probably were around when heavy metal was born.



15 minutes before Slash was gonna go on stage I and the rest of the photographers were allowed into the photo pit and while I waited for him to go on stage I took a look at the audience beside me. I saw that many of the fans had dressed out as Slash with a huge black hat and the glam/sleaze patented outfit. It felt like the old Guns N Roses guitarist was really longed for amongst the Danish fans.


Slash opened the entire festival with the song “Ghost” taken from his new solo album. The rest of the band consisted of

Myles Kennedy – lead vocals

Bobby Schneck – guitar

Brant Fitz – drums

Todd Kerns – bass

The audience went crazy when Slash entered the stage and he had the crowd in the palm of his hand straight away. Both singer Kennedy and Slash seemed to be having a great time on stage and Kennedy was a really great singer and frontman. The show followed with the old Guns N Roses classic “Night Train” in which everyone in the audience sang along. Kennedy thought that we all should celebrate that the summer had arrived to Denmark and he was greeted with screams and applause. “Back From Cali”, “Nothing To Say” ans “Starlight” continued on. Kennedy didn’t do much talking, instead he sang. Slash stood mostly on the right side of the stage playing amazingly great and looked as cool as always. The show included songs from Velvet Revolver as well as from Slash’s old band Slash’s Snakepit.





In the middle of the show Kennedy took a guitar and both played and sang the Alter Bridge song “Rise Today”. Slash did once again proved why he is one of the worlds greatest guitarists. He is amazing on guitar and there’s no doubt about that. One memorable moment was when Slash stood in the middle of the stage and played the intro to “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. Again the crowd exploded in happiness and sang along through the entire song. Last song for the day was another GNR classic in “Paradise City” and by then the entire festival area is ecstatic. That song closed the show and no encores were done. The show was brilliant and I think that everyone was really happy and satisfied. The setlist below isn’t in order and I may have missed one or two songs.







Dirty Little Thing

Night Train

Sucker Train Blues

Back From Cali

Nothing To Say


By The Sword

Beggars And Hangers-on

Sweet Child O’ Mine

Rise Today


Paradise City

After the Slash show I walked around and waited for the next act to perform at the larger stage. I noticed that the line to the beer tents was pretty long but that didn’t come as a surprise on this very warm day. After 30 minutes it was time for the next act on the larger stage. I have some really big problem with  Bullet For My Valentine’s mallcore music which also by the way has influences of modern death metal but hey here we go.



Bullet For My Valentine

At the stroke of 3 Bullet For My Valentine hit the stage and they had a huge backdrop with the band-name on it that hung behind the drums. The band members are :

Matt Tuck – lead vocals, guitar

Michael Thomas – drums

Jay James – bass, vocals

Padge – guitar

They opened the show with “Your Betrayal” taken from the bands new album FEVER and the song segued into the “Fever”. It felt like the crowd wasn’t as excited as they were during the Slash show except for the hardcore fans that raised hell in front of the stage. Tuck said that the band had a new album out called FEVER and when they played the next song Tuck wanted to see a moshpit. Tuck was pleased with what he saw and kicked off the song “Waking The Demon” which was followed by “All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) and “Tears Don’t Fall”. The members mostly stood solid on their place and didn’t move around much but the crowd was acting berserk anyway and sang a long and jumped around during the songs. At least the hardcore fans at the front of the stage did that. Tuck said it was great to be playing in Denmark and that they had a great time on stage. He said that it was thanks to the fans that they could live their dreams and Tuck thanked us for being there and making their visit possible.




“4 Words To Choke Upon”, “The Last Fight” and “Scream Aim Fire” followed. I have seen the band before and I wasn’t convinced this day at all. I thought they felt a bit tired and not edgy at all. The guys lacked energy and tempo and it felt like it was another day at the job for them actually. I know they can do better than this. The songs have a tendency to go faster and be more meaner when they play live and that is a positive thing though. Tuck said that it was time to close the show and ended the show with the songs “Hand OF Blood” and “Alone”. Despite that I thought the band didn’t do their best it did  seem like the fans liked it and that’s the most important thing I guess.





Your Betrayal


Waking The Demon

All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)

Tears Don’t Fall

4 Words (To Choke On)

The Last Fight

Scream Aim Fire

Begging For Mercy

Hand Of Blood



After the show did I walk around the festival area in search of some shadows to sit in. The sun burned from a clear blue sky and had been done so for most of the day. I sat down and waited for Skunk Anansie to go on the larger stage. I really liked the band when they had their glory days days but I was uncertain of if their songs had stood the test of time and I was even more uncertain of how their new songs were gonna sound. And at the stroke of 16.30 was it time  for Skunk Anansie to enter the big stage.


Coming up on the next page are live reviews of Skunk Anansie and Volbeat so keep on reading!


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