BEHEMOTH shoots new music video!

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BEHEMOTH - still from new video
BEHEMOTH - still from new video

Metal Blade Records reissuing two of Behemoth’s classic EP’s as a double disc set!

Masters of blackened death metal, BEHEMOTH, just shot a new production video for the track Alas the Lord Is upon Me off their latest release Evangelion, which was released August 11, 2009. The video was produced and directed by Rafal Szermanowicz and Grupa 13 who also shot BEHEMOTH’s videos for Ov Fire and the Void and At the left hand ov God.

Vocalist and guitarist Nergal comments on the band’s upcoming video for Alas the Lord Is upon Me:

“First of all, we’ve overcome ourselves with this new video clip. Period. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time. Pretty much no digital intervention, no blue boxes, no fake shit this time, but great filming, good acting, and a fuckin’ awesome storyline. It’s disturbing, crazy, and evil. We’ve had over 70 people working for us on this video so we can easily say it was the biggest production so far. I’m beyond excited! Wait and see.”

Dariusz Szermanowicz of Grupa #13 comments:

“This time we decided to make something different. We’d like to make video in ‘cinematic’ style without so many VFX like in last two videos. We found great location, we had dozen of actors and extras and awesome stylizing. During the 16 hours of hard work we’ve created amazingly killer video!”

Click HERE to view more images from Alas the Lord Is upon Me.

In other news; this fall Metal Blade Records will be releasing BEHEMOTH’s early EP’s Conjuration and Slaves Shall Serve as a double disc CD set. More info on this release will be made available in the coming weeks.

Evangelion landed at #56 on Billboard Magazine’s Top 200 Chart with 8,500 units scanned during its first week of release.

Other chart numbers for Evangelion are as follows:

United States:

#5 Billboard Hard Music Albums

#6 Billboard Independent Albums


#61 Top 200 Current Albums

#6 Independent Chart

#10 Hard Music Chart


Poland: #2

Finland: #17

Austria: #45

Germany: #59

Switzerland: #88

Netherlands: #5 (Indie Charts)

Here’s what critics have had to say about the band’s ninth full-length album, and first full-length for Metal Blade Records:

“stripped-down and explosive”‘s #2 album of August 2009

“Behemoth are unstoppable.”

“their ultimate masterpiece” 4/4 skulls,

“a trve masterpiece”

“Evangelion is a ferocious display of death metal might-the compositions smartly written and imbued with a majesty and Behemoth’s own mystical aura – Evangelion is world dominant in its delivery and unapologetic in its extremism.” 9/10, Outburn Magazine

“They’re just as violent as they’ve ever been, and have become masters of synergy in ways lesser bands will never come close to achieving.”

“It sounds like it took heartfelt effort instead of simple force and rage alone, but at the same time refraining from treading into overdone, hokey self-consumption. It brings on an almost physical reaction rather than just an aural sensation, and that’s very commendable.”

“Behemoth produce some of the most technical, intelligent, and turbulent Metal available in today’s market…they’re firmly cemented among the extreme Metal elite.”

“Intelligently manifested, well-researched works – nine albums into his mission, Nergal’s inner flame is nowhere near extinguished, which can either be a terrifying or tantalizing thought.” The Daily News McKeesport

“If these guys aren’t the current kings of extreme metal, I don’t know who is.” 10/10,

“furious, layered and complex but like a present well wrapped, dying to be unraveled and appreciated.”

“at the top of the heap – and on top of their game. – Behemoth sets the bar, and sets the benchmark.”

“Evangelion is the melody of hate and logic, a call to war, a masterpiece – 10/10.”

“Evangelion is the ultimate incarnation of all of the most endearing (and unnerving) elements of the BEHEMOTH sound.”

“This is the album of albums for this monolithic band; this is THEE one you have been waiting for, the evolution of evolutions.”

“Every song on Evangelion, the latest release from metal messiahs Behemoth, can proudly stand alone as an exemplary representative of music black, blasphemous and brutal.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Evangelion has the listener slack-jawed in amazement that death metal has, yet again, been re-perfected by Behemoth.”

“Behemoth is one of the most ferocious-sounding metal bands on Earth.”

“This is the band’s greatest achievement. The songwriting is easily on par with albums such as Thelema.6 and Zos Kia Kultus, but effortlessly blended with the band’s last two efforts’ speed, power and density.”

“Standing at the helm of extreme music, Behemoth has only become more destructive, more focused, and more deeply rooted into history as masters of their craft.”

“Behemoth’s, Evangelion is without a doubt the number one album of 2009.”

“This record is a superb example of the bands masterful chokehold on all things metal; truly a massive work that should go a long way to finding itself on a number of year end lists.”

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