SLAYER/ The Haunted @ The Forum 3rd June 2010

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SLAYER And The Haunted

@ The HMV Forum London

3rd June 2010

Written by Steve Sedit

Photos by James G


There was already a large crowd outside the HMV Forum at Kentish town for ‘Slayer and The Haunted’ for the second day at this venue.

For the opening of this gig, everything went pitch black and then the bright white band logo for ‘The Haunted’ appeared on the titantron.

The sounds of shotgun blasts rung around the arena as the band approached and the drummer started the intro to ‘Dark Intentions’ followed by the wailing of the guitars.

Without a pause this was followed by the song ‘Bury Your Dead’ as the crowd formed into a circle pit.

Peter Dolving, vocalist of ‘The Haunted’ was full of energy and jumping around the stage and on a few occasions got his microphone leads tangled up on his foot, but this did not affect the performance at all.

‘Bloodletting’ for me was the song of the night, with some amazing beat downs and guitar solos.

Both Guitarists Anders Bjorler and Patrik Jensen where swinging their guitars around and playing to the crowd, while bassist Jonas Bjorler stood near drummer Per Moller Jensen with the sound of the bass drum resonating through the crowd below.

When the drums started for ‘D.O.A’, you could hear the sound of army boots coming from all directions, with the crowd preparing for one massive pit.

With a fantastic guitar solo, another circle pit formed and at the end of the song the crowds efforts was hailed by the band and the fans chanted ‘The Haunted’ back at them.

The last song of the night was ‘Guilt Trip’ and there were rows of people head banging to the drum beats and singing along, as this was a very mellow sounding song to end to the chaos and carnage of the night.

After a 30 minute change over, the Arena filled with smoke and was lit with blood red lights and nearly two thousand people chanting ‘Slayer, Slayer, Slayer’.

Starting with the sounds of Kerry Kings guitar, Slayer appeared from the smoke, just like the evil monsters from the film The Mist.

‘War Painted Blood’ was the best start to a gig I have been to in years, all you could see was the whole floor turn into a tornado of windmills, crowd surfers and circle pits.

Tom Araya sounded like the metal God that he is and despite having a past back injury and not being able to head bang he still gave his all.

Jeff Hanneman was playing guitar to the right hand side of the stage while a very metal spiked armed Kerry King played to the left.

After the fourth song in Tom Araya then stopped the gig due to someone in the pit having a head injury and with the band looking very concerned, they didn’t continue playing until the paramedics arrived & stretched the injured fan to hospital.

After a twenty minute break, Slayer came back on stage and it was amusing to see that Tom Araya did not in fact have a beer in hand but a nice hot cup of tea!

I wonder if anyone else noticed this?

‘Temptation’ was another fast moving song of the night with thrash guitar riffs and drum blasts from the speakers, and with this speed it shows how tight they can play without any mishaps.

It would not have been a true Slayer gig without the sound of rain and the creepy sound of Kerry King sliding down the guitar strings for the intro to ‘Raining Blood’. With the bass and drums sounding like crashes of thunder, along side with the guitar solo that would make any ones ears bleed due to pure devilish powers of this band.

How does a band say their farewell to the final night of destroying London?

By playing ‘Angel Of Death’. Making the place look like a battlefield and taking no prisoners, the people in the streets walking past the Forum must of thought that London had a mini earthquake due to the amount of people stomping around.

Slayer yet again proved that they are still the best thrash and speed metal band in the world and still going strong since 1981.

Both The Haunted and Slayer gave an amazing show and thanks once again to everyone in Slayer for stopping the gig to help injured fans, this was not a gig to have been missed!

Slayer Set List:

War Painted Blood









Dead Skin