DAVE EVANS Live @ The Gaff London – 26 May 2010

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DAVE EVANS Live @ The Gaff – London

With Falling Red/ Monsters in the Attic/ Bad for Lazarus/Hellbent and Hammered

26 May 2010

Reviewer: Lucinda Dunn

Photographer: James G

 The Gaff in Holloway road has a lovely atmosphere to the place with polite and friendly staff. Though it seemed there were a few birthday and Halloween decorations lazily left up which, was a little out of place. For some reason, though not particularly hot outside it was boiling inside the Gaff and there was only one fan to cool off the entire room. Punters could be seen mopping their brow with their wrists then taking large gulps from their pints. It was a messy night indeed!


Hellbent and Hammered

First band on tonight, with no introduction what so ever.


At first I thought this was their sound check until they stated ‘This next song, is a new one!’ to which I realised the night had begun!


As a long time fan of stoner rock and metal I had high expectations of this band.

For too long I’ve heard and seen young bands try to keep alive the legend of stoner bands like ‘Corrosion of Conformity’ and ‘Kyuss’, and too often I’ve seen them fail.

This band however, has all the qualifications to be a perfect stoner band.

Groovy riffs, sludgy half time choruses, the odd fast paced section and great musicianship. What let this band down in my view unfortunately was the closeness in similarity to bands ‘Nola’ and ‘Down’. 


Although great original songs, the guitar style and vocal style bare to close a resemblance to Anselmo and Keenan, which for a young band is fine but an established band needs to hone their own style.


Still enjoyable, they kept me captivated until the end of their set.



Bad for Lazarus

First impressions of this second band bare a close resemblance to the Eighties Matchbox B-line ‘Disaster’ and the ‘Black Crowes’.

Skinny boys in tight trousers, with long hair doing crazy dancing on stage they really put on a great performance tonight. 


Charismatic, chaotic, fast passed high energy rock with the raw edge of psychedelia.

I honestly expected something different, but this was still interesting if however a little overly cliché, but that’s probably the point.


Musically their songs were thought through with complex segments. As a band they were tight and complemented each other well.


The venue had started to get a little busier and more and more seated folk had begun to rise and find themselves on the dance floor. I don’t know how they moved so energetically, as hot as the Gaff was tonight, I would have expected a passing out parade, but they were proper rock and roll and it certainly looked liked everyone was enjoying themselves. 



Monsters in the Attic


Third band on, I did enjoy this band. However, having read their myspace profile I was expecting something else. Something involving 50’s rock and horror influence?!

I didn’t hear at all. It was a bit punk and a bit hard rock, not conflicting but in places it seemed a bit confusing.


Good use of backing vocals and a decent catchy riff here and there, it was obvious they were talented.


I enjoyed their song structure but somehow they couldn’t match the stage presence of the first two bands.  Perhaps that was the plan all along, as they were on pre Dave Evans.


With a different gig line up, I may have enjoyed them more but I felt that they did not quite fit the bill.


Although a stoner, rock and roll band with a punk influence, this band seemed like an eclectic mix to me.



Falling Red


I was not expecting a fourth support band tonight.

The cheese I expected from the second band I got from this band instead.



With their heftily back combed hair, eye liner and sleazy leather jackets, they looked like men in drag.


Gratuitous swearing and ploughing power chords, they were more than a little apparent of their influence of ‘Motley Cru’



 They were fun to watch and if the preceding bands had all been the same I would have bored, but as an odd night of many styled bands they seemed to fit in well.

The crowd which had died a bit since the last band, started to move again to this act but as a rock event it is not surprising.


They were solid and full of energy, and of all the bands on tonight they had the best synchronised guitar poses. It would’ve been nice to have heard more melody, but the crowd spoke for themselves and seemed to love it.




Dave Evans

Dave Evans was the vocalist in AC/DC before Bon Scott, so chances are some people may know who he is.

Being an AC/DC fan myself, when you hear ex-member you tend to think ‘has been’ but to be fair, Dave Evans can sing and it is nice to listen to some proper rock by a man who was around when it first began.


We were constantly reminded that he was affiliated with AC/DC from the adverts to the prior bands, getting a sneaky riff in their sound check.

So what do we expect? Well…. Rock! 



The set started off with some decent numbers that shouldn’t be overlooked just because of the “could have been” stigmata.



In between songs we heard a voice that has taken its toll, but during the performance delivers none the less.


All in all, a great & interesting night!