NEVERMORE/Death Angel/Cauldron @ O2 Islington Academy May 18, 2010

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With Death Angel/Cauldron

Live @ London 02 Islington Academy
18th May 2010

Reviewer: Steve Sedit
Photography: James G 

On arrival at the O2 Islington Academy, the queue outside was filling up pretty quick and looked busy as the opening time was drawing closer.

‘Cauldron’ being the very first band on stage, were firing out the 80’s sound of thrash metal and getting people into the atmosphere that you need to kick a good night off. With songs ‘Axe Cross’ and ‘Torture’s Too Kind’ they proved that they are a band to be reckoned with and can open for big bands in big venues.

The second band on were ‘Death Angel’ who made you forget this was even a weekday, with their great energy and enthusiasm on stage.

Starting the night off with a song that has the calm before the thrash metal storm’ known as’ Lord or Hate’ they couldn’t of started with a better song to get the crowed straight into a sea of windmills.

After a nice speech by vocalist Mark Osegueda on the death of Ronnie Dio and a few shots going around, he introduced the band then they started ‘Dethroned’. The stage was filled with smoke and Mark then got his hair caught up in Ted Aguilar’s guitar while throwing his dreads around the stage to the amusement of everyone, but this did not stop Ted playing an amazing solo.

Death Angel finished the night off with ‘River of Rapture’ and with an atmosphere that only few bands can achieve.  In all for all the people that missed Death Angel due to it being on a Tuesday night should be kicking themselves, as I have not seen them play this good in a few years and it was well worth seeing.

Finally the headlining band were due to come on stage.

I was not expecting ‘Nevermore’ to start the night off with ‘Beyond Within’ but it worked! Everyone rushed in from smoking and drinking to throw themselves around like they were Nevermore’s very own rag dolls.

By now the venue was full and the crowd was going wild when Jeff Loomis played his solo for the people towards the two circle pits that were making the venue shake.

Just before they played ‘Emptiness Unobstructed’, Warrel Dane announced that this was being filmed for their new DVD so this started a wave of people jumping around and going crazy.

During this song I did notice that the mic kept cutting out, but never the less a great performance with some of the best guitar riffs of the night.

Nevermore finished the night with ‘The Heart Collector’, a song that makes everyone link arms and sing to take the roof off the building.  Just before the drums set the song off ‘Warrel Dane’ stated that this song makes even the biggest Deicide fans cry, then gave one of his grins before the drums started.

After the song finished Nevermore said their goodbyes and then went off stage, but the crowd awaited their encore. When returning to the stage, the applause was massive and even I started running around and swinging my hair in people’s faces! ‘Enemies of Reality’ was the perfect song to end with to make this one amazing Tuesday night at the O2.

Nevermore helped kick off an amazing start to the week and are an amazing band to see live!