Masters Of Metal – Klubi Tampere Finland

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Masters of Metal is another addition to the map of the Finnish metal festivals. Originally the event was planned to be carried out in a bigger venue. However, because of the unexpected low ticket sales the whole MOM event was switched to a smaller venue and a couple of bands got dropped from the bill. However the line-up looked pretty solid which should have drawn more people to the event. After all approximately 300 people crawled out to the MOM event. Although the line-up looked all in all solid, but as for the general arrangements of the event, the roadie and break time between each bands was occasionally quite insanely long. That definitely bugged some people off even though the beer was cold and metal ruled. But even though the festival is a small indoor one, if the people of the fest believes in the future of the fest, then we can expect to have another MOM event in the next year.



The night was kicked off by the long time Finnish metallers Norther. The five piece have had a solid following at that time before the current Ensiferum frontman left the band and was replaced by the former Imperanon man. For one reason or another the band’s success and following has taken a step backwards. That just described Norther’s current status by being the opening band of the night. Skilled and technical guitar playing and melodic riffs with the raspy sounding vocals and of course some clean parts. The band did a pretty routine set without the most ultimate passion on the stage. Obviously being an opening band for the small audience didn’t motivate the Norther members that much.

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Followed by the Swedish outfit Bibleblack led by Mike Wead having gained fame and glory in the ranks as both King Diamond and Mercyful Fate’s guitarist.  Bibleblack’s metal is complicated and extremely technical stuff. It might be quite difficult listening in a club. The set mainly consisted of the material off from the band’s debut album. The five piece is so highly skilled with their instruments that occasionally the technical playing went beyond the normal comprehension for sure. At least the whole band had put some kind of chaplain or priest coats. Finally the five piece returned back in time doing a Mercyful Fate medley consisting of Evil-Black Funeral-Satans Fall. 


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The domestic Before The Dawn has gigged tremendously and reached good chart positions within years. However a legion of metalheads arrived on time to check out the four-piece in action. The man of action of several bands Tuomas Saukkonen has reduced the harsh growling and has given more space for guitarist Lars Eiking to take over the clean part. Basically that’s a good choice as the clean parts definitely fit better to Before The Dawn.


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The thrash metal veterans Onslaught did a couple of gigs in Finland. A night before the MOM even Onslaught unleashed the power of hell in Helsinki. The following night metal forces of England thrashed till death in front of the handful of people. Even though it is complicated there is not enough of old school thrash at festivals. Whatever, Onslaught delivered the brutal and uncompromising set of old and new material. The British thrashers made the drops of sweat fly all around and heads bang furiously.  




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Ajattara hit the stage next. The guys were entirely covered in blood. Their raw and even nihilistic pagan dark metal or whatthehell it is labelled sounded more primitive and nastier on the stage than their releases. The frontman Ruoja appeared to be a real grim looking stageman with the shaved head. The line-up had been strengthened by the Sotajumala frontman handling the second guitar. The band didn’t waste their time by communicating with the audience instead the raw pagan metal rolled over the club.



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It is widely said the Finns are rock and metal freaks. That could be seriously doubted when the Finnish perveasive techno industrial and rock combo named Turmion Katilot took the stage over. The techno combined industrial with the obvious metal riffs is a perfect combination to catch the attention of the more mainstream audience. Yet to add some perverted stories and twisted sense of humour then the concept is ready to please the ass drunk audience. The whole small club was entirely packed when TK kicked off their childish set.



The evil Norwegian black metal was offered when 1349 concluded the small so called festival event at Klubi in Tampere. Before the Norse blackmetallers got on the stage, the waiting time between the Finnish technorock and 1349 was almost one goddamn hour. After all the Norwegian grim black metallers unleashed the hell on earth. The band raged with intensive energy through the whole gig. At this point people had already abandoned the club after waiting and waiting a little bit too long.

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In general the MOM event was a good startup attempt even though several radical changes were forced because of the low ticket sale. Despite the insanely long roadie break between bands and the extremely hot atmosphere in the club, the whole event was all in all solid. Presumably the organization team behind the MOM event will be returning back with the next MOM event, apparently they have learnt something good and something bad from the event. Looking forward to the next MOM event what will offer….And finally greetings to that jackass who tried to jump over the table almost causing human casualties – maybe you had better get to some karaoke bar to swing your hair and growl nonsense words.