Spellblast – Battlecry

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Reviewed: June 2010
Released: 2010, Self Produced
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

Bergen, Italy is home to Spellblast, a power/folk metal band formed in 1999. The band originally started as strictly a power metal band, but folk influences made their way on to the debut full length album HORNS OF SILENCE in 2007. Battlecry is the band’s second album and with a new powerful drummer and guest appearances by Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire) Folkstone, the band has made a huge leap toward reaching a world-wide audience.

BATTLECRY is an album that consists mostly of epic power metal, with subtle folk passages interspersed throughout the album. The use of bagpipes is occasionally included, but it is the effective use of the keyboards that provide most of the folk elements. Opening track “Cold Wind of Death” sets the tone for the rest of the album with a driving rhythm and Jonathan Spagnuolo’s excellent vocals, which are more Hansi Kursch influenced than say Rob Tyrant. Thematically and lyrically, the album is loosely Norse-based as song titles like “Drinking with the Gods”, “Northern Star”, and “Ragnarok (Dream of the End)”can attest. Musically, galloping fast-paced rhythms and mid-paced tempos are the order of the day, as drummer Alessandro Bissa capably moves things along with frequently frenetic drumming.

Overall, BATTLECRY is a respectable album particularly in the production quality. The album was mixed at New Sin Studio, where Labyrinth and Elvenking have also produced quality albums. Minor complaints would be the sameness of most of the tunes, and the lack of a truly awe-inspiring and ass kicking track to stand above the fray. I should probably reiterate that this album is much more aggressively power metal than it is folk. Fans of Italian power metal bands like Labyrinth and Rhapsody of Fire should not let the folk elements scare them away. Spellblast is not as good as either of those bands, but Spagnuolo’s lower frequencies are a welcome variation to the Italian power metal tradition.


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Track Listing:
01. Cold Wind Of Death
02. Drinkin’ with The Gods
03. History Of A Siege: Heroes
04. Path Of The Sea
05. Ragnarok (Dream Of The End)
06. Soldier’s Angels
07. Raid Day
08. History Of A Siege: Slaughter
09. Northern Star
10. Brave And Fierce
11. Command Charge
12. Battlecry

LUCA – Lead Guitars
CLAUDIO – Rhythm Guitars
IVAN – Synth & Effects
EDO – Drums