Snew – We Do What We Want

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Reviewed: June 2010
Released: 2010, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Snew the fuck are you? That’s the question soon to be on the tongues of rock and metal fans the world over. With the popularity of new act Airbourne and the continued and never waning popularity of heavyweights AC/DC, Snew just might have released this disc at the right time. Filled with all of the swagger and attitude I expect from Curtis Don Vito, WE DO WHAT WE WANT takes anything the band has done previously to a new level. From the get go this disc is destined to end in the obliteration of more than one vertebrae.

The opening of this disc is like a kick to the head with the title track screaming at the listener with 2 parts AC/DC and one part Johnny Walker. Vocalist Curtis Don Vito unapologetically snarls “We Do What We Want” while the rest of the band sits in the groovy mid tempo pocket that has been the bread and butter of AC/DC forever. Not content to sit in the pocket, Snew kick it into high gear with “Feedback and Distortion”. This is a great balls out tune which is made even more interesting by the video which Snew has shot for it. It is made entirely of people playing air guitar to the track. It just shows the power of the track and the fun the fans have with it. “Risking My Life” changes pace as the band tone it down a tad and feature an almost 60s Stones influenced song that had me kind of scratching my head at first. It didn’t take long for my foot to start tapping and to realize how infectious this track really is. I kept expecting the piano to kick in and rock it out. “Pick Up the Ball” throws the AC/DC sound out the window for more of a bluesy southern rock inspired sound and “Private Stash” throws in some ripping harmonica for good measure.

WE DO WHAT WE WANT definitely captures the sound Snew established on their debut disc SNEW YOU but more importantly, it takes the band in new directions and moves it away from being simply another AC/DC “clone” band. There is no denying the influence of the Australians on Snew but the band has managed to move away from the overt AC/DCisms and add more of a 70s southern rock vibe as well as even a hint of the 60s budding Rock n Roll rebellion. The big surprise is how they have focused all of this into a cohesive disc that at first listen is good head banging hard rock but on subsequent listens exposes a multilayered sound that continues to grow on the listener. If Snew don’t watch it they could be the next big thing.


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Track Listing:
1. We Do What We Want
2. Feedback and Distortion
3. Private Stash
4. Risking My Life
5. Get Loud
6. Knock It Out Of The Park
7. Power Pack
8. Pick Up The Ball
9. Who The Hell Are You
10. Shinebox

Cat Tate: bass
Curtis Don Vito: vocals
Mark Ohrenberger: drums
Andy Lux: guitars