Nefarium – Ad Discipulum

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Reviewed: June 2010
Released: 2010, Agonia Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Italian blacksters Nefarium was put together 13 years ago, and since then the band has managed to record 3 full-length albums off which their latest recording, carrying the title AD DISCIPULUM (on the Polish Agonia Records), has been spreading its black, plague-infested winds over the world now – and obviously harvesting its victims pretty darn well even.

Musically they are often compared to other blackish hordes as Dark Funeral, Marduk, Dissection and generally, some other melodic Swedish black metal acts. Listening to AD DISCIPULUM, I can somewhat easily subscribe to some of those comparisons to our Italian messengers of all filth and evil, but would also mention Behemoth and Angel Corpse as some of those comparisons to Nefarium since they do have a fair load of death metal influences in their sound, plus technical-wise the guys churn out kinda complex song structures from their dark and notorious catacombs. Up-tempo, mostly fast black metal – with hints from melo-death metal´s direction is the name of the game on AD DISCIPULUM, and while spinning this disc, it´s also relatively easy to realize why Nefarium has gained so much respect among metalheads all over the world, but especially in their home country, Italy. Naturally as it can be assumed the guest musicians Archaon from 1349 in guitar in such songs as \”Tongue of the First Pope\” and \”Shepherd for Dead Lambs\” as well as Wildness Perversion from Mortuary Drape on vocals in \”The Bastard Son of Satan\”, are obviously helpful to help to spread Nefarium´s name around a bit more. As a side note, generally speaking known guest musicians seem to be so-called ´necessary evil´ on albums of less known artists, working out as a good marketing propaganda for the promotion and stuff.

All eight songs are well thought out and professionally performed on AD DISCIPULUM, displaying Nefarium´s ravishing blackened grimness in a truly enjoyable form while the good production supports the band´s efforts to conquer the vast lands around them, just like Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus, the first ruler of the Roman Empire, did more than a couple of thousands of years ago. Among the fans of Dark Funeral, Marduk, Behemoth and the like, this album will undoubtedly be considered a pretty secure winner for sure.


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Track Listing:
01. Tongue of the First Pope (Simon Peter)
02. Hands Bleeding Fear (Pontius Pilate)
03. The Bastard Son of Satan (Jesus Christ)
04. Shepherd for Dead Lambs (Johan the Baptist)
05. Sharpening the Spear of Longinus (Cassius Longinus)
06. Servus Servorum Satanae (Benedictus XVI)
07. Seven Whores of Magdala (Mary Magdaleine)
08. Mass Infanticide by the King of Judea (Herod the Great)

Carnifex – Vocals & guitar
Adventor – Guitar
Vexator – Bass
Garghuf – Drums

* Guest guitar in \”Tongue of the First Pope\” and \”Shepherd For Dead Lambs\” by Archaon from 1349 (Norway)

* Guest vocals in \”The Bastard Son of Satan\” by Wildness Perversion from Mortuary Drape

* Violins performed by Remy Boniface