Fuck the Facts – Disgorge Mexico:The DVD (DVD)

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Reviewed: June 2010
Released: 2010, Self Released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz


Fuck the Facts are without a doubt Canada’s premier Grindcore act, and arguably are one of the best Grindcore acts anywhere currently tearing things up in the underground scene. Only a scant few months ago we were treated to the UNNAMED EP, but never the band to sit idle for too long, Fuck the Facts has just released its first DVD, DISGORGE MEXICO: THE DVD. Focusing on 2008’s DISGORGE MEXICO album, the DVD is divided into two parts: LIVE DISGORGE contains a live performance of the album in its entirety from an ’08 CD release show promoting the disc, while DISGORGE MEXICO: THE MOVIE is an independent art house film by director David Hall, where the music of DISGORGE MEXICO serves as the framework for the film’s story as well as its soundtrack.

There’s no shortage of concert DVDs on the market, but the LIVE DISGORGE piece of the DVD is original in its approach and makes the performance both exciting and entertaining to watch. If Quentin Tarantino directed concert films, it would look something like LIVE DISGORGE. From the grainy, film reel presentation to the various horror and b-movie clips edited into the performance, it’s got a dirty, Grindhouse quality to it. You’ll find yourself glued to the screen not only because of the intense live set from the band, but to see what bizarre visual accents will come next. As good as Fuck the Facts are on CD, the stage is their natural habitat and it shows in the actual performance itself. Filmed at the Le Petit Chigaco in Hull, Quebec, the band and audience have a symbiotic relationship, feeding off each other’s intensity, heightening the overall energy in the venue.

DISGORGE MEXICO: THE MOVIE is an entirely different animal all together. Director Hall describes his film as “a substance abuse art house riff on the destructive and volatile nature of love.” I’m not sure what exactly that means, nor do I necessarily understand what I’ve seen, but sufficed to say it’s an intense visual experience that complements the frantic nature of Fuck the Facts perfectly.

DISGORGE MEXICO: THE DVD is being self released by the band and is currently limited to a run of 500 copies, the first 100 of which contain an extra bonus disc with an additional 2 hours of live material, interviews and other goodies. Available through the Fuck the Facts website for a meager ten bucks, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth and plenty of grindworthy entertainment.


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Track Listing:
2.No Return
3.Absence and Despite
5.As Empires Expand and Collapse
6.Dead End
7.Driving Through Fallen Cities
8.La Culture du Faux
9.State of Panic
10.No Place for Failure
11.Apathy is a Karma Killer
12.Golden Age
13.The Pile of Flesh You Carry

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Production Year: 2010