Brutai – S/T (EP)

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Reviewed: June 2010
Released: 2010, n/a
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Listening to Brutai’s EP fills me with hope for metal in the current climate. Hailing from my home town of Catford, I have seen these lads live once when they went under the name Motorbreath and they were amazing. Brutai started in 2006 with current members Felix and Henry, then in early 2007 Mike Dummett joined the group, shortly followed a few months later by Mike Crouchman. Taking influences from all sides of metal from Megadeth to The Black Dahlia Murder, they first entered the studio in 2009. They spent the following year gigging in and around London, gaining momentum around the metal underground circuit.

This EP epitomizes their musical growth. \”Home Sweet Hell\” opens up with a drum roll and a flurry of guitars, building into a brutal verse. The band\’s sound has a Black/Death metal vibe about it but is fused with originality, with the drums mostly sitting back while leading the way on several parts. “Principles” begins with some ethereal keys and some of the heaviest guitars I’ve heard in a while. There are some nice angular riffs and some good chugging sections, with each instrument having its chance to shine in this piece. Beginning with rain, \”Epiphany\” leads into a bass and drums intro followed by some truly great and original harmonies, then it launches into a tirade of riffing and lead lines. The vocals on this EP in general are outstanding and well recorded throughout, but on this track in particular I think they, and the rest of the band shine, with some intense blastbeats and breaks and with a chorus that surely will be an anthem soon enough.

The solo work on this album is original as it is interesting, it doesn’t bore and it doesn’t outstay its welcome. This is a band, who knows how to build a song and get the most out of themselves and their music. The drums are exceptional, with perfect rolls and immaculate timing. The vocals are again well produced and are of an amazing caliber, definitely a voice that should be adorning big stages very soon. The sound of the band is very diverse and I can see them taking their sound to the next stage. Everything on their tracks perfectly complements each other and if you like your metal and you like it loud, check out Brutai. They’re definitely a band you should be listening to!

Written by Danny Draper


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Track Listing:
01 Home Sweet Hell
02 Principles
03 Epiphany

Felix Lawrie –
Lead Vox/Rhythm/Lead Guitars

Mike Crouchman – Bass Guitar

Henry Ryan – Lead/Rhythm Guitars/Backing Vox

Mike Dummett – Drums