Mike Hall – Have Guitarz…Will Travel

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Mike Hall
Have Guitarz…Will Travel
2009, Independent
Rating: 4.5

The name Mike Hall is quite familiar to all of us. We know him as Mike “Dwarf” from the Killer Dwarfs and from his stint as a live guitarist for Helix. In 2009 Mike released his first solo album entitled HAVE GUITARZ…WILL TRAVEL and we are better off for it.

I was expecting to hear a heavy guitar driven disc or a hard rockin’ one at the very least when I popped this disc into my stereo but what came from my speakers was an unexpected surprise. Immediately I was reaching for the old volume knob to crank this up another couple notches. The sounds that were hitting my ears was some of the best bluesy rock music I have ever heard. This was upbeat and rockin’, especially “Play It Like Chuck” which became an instant personal favorite where Mike pays homage to the legendary Chuck Berry. One line in this track that you’ll pick up on instantly is where he calls Heavy Metal, junk. Let’s just hope it’s only to fit the song and he’s not really thinking it. Right Mike?? Another o the album’s killer cuts is “ Dirty Cheap Tequila” with it’s subtle Jazz influence. A nice change of pace compared to the Blues sounds that dominate the record.

One of the greatest albums of 2009 that ranked very high on my personal “Best of 009” list. Do yourself a favor and go order this CD straight away.You will not be disappointed at all. Not only is Mike an excellent guitarist he can sing and belt out the tunes as well. Highly recommended album.