Roadburn – Tillburg Holland

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Roadburn – Tillburg Holland: SATURDAY

The last day started. As previously mentioned, the schedule had gone upside down. Candlemass had canceled and Deathrow did another set. But for one reason or another missed them.

Nachtmystium led by Blake "Azentrius" Judd hit the stage to deliver the blackish stuff. Even though not familiar with material of Nachtmystium that much, however the Illinois metallers sounded more grim reaping blackish band with some melancholy parts added to the song. The sounds were a little bit chaotic. Frankly in the long run the band started sounding a little bit boring.

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The former Kyuss member John Garcia was another expected performer at Roadburn. The whole venue was entirely packed when the mighty riffs of the classic Kyuss songs roared out of the loudspeakers Even though Kyuss’ career was quite short lived, but however its impact on the stoner style is incontrovertible. The back up band consisting of the Dutch musicians worked well with Garcia as several cult songs sounded tight and heavy. Above all the sounds had been managed to be utter great. The Orange Goblin frontman made a visit on the stage. All in all the whole gig was great. It would be nothing, but tremendous great if Kyuss reunited. 

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The formerly Toten now Jex Thoth concluded the last day at the Midi Theatre. The band started the gig and were later joined by Jessica with the ethereal being at the stage. The lady’s bright and beautiful voice captured each one in the audience. The mysterious rites and eccentric incantations on the stage rose up questions about their purposes in the music of Jex Thoth. Jessica hardly said a word instead focusing on the music and carrying out those rites and burning candles. The band’s ethereal, catchy melodic songs and riffs sounded great in the environment of the Midi Theatre. 

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This was the second time in a row when made a visit to Roadburn. The festival is definitely the paradise and must-visit for every stoner and sludge worshiper. Besides, the festival covers some old school metal and obscure extreme stuff as well.

As for the organization of the fest, they deserve nothing, but respect for doing their best to sort out the problems with the schedule and find replacements. They did what they could. Even though cancellations of some bands rose negative feelings, but hopefully the audience understood why.

It was amazing to testify how all these arrangements during the whole weekend worked more than well despite some problems. No need to wait for a turn to get into the toilet, food was available all the time. Even though the audience smoked the pot and drank the beer etc, they truly behaved nicely and no unwanted fights or passed out maniacs were seen and witnessed.

It is pretty much sure Roadburn won’t be become another major open air massive festival. Instead Roadburn’s idea is to stay a more underground based festival presenting from the post rock to the extreme metal and everything between. However there is a high interest toward the festival, therefore anyone trying to attend the festival gotta quick to have the tickets on time. Hope to see more obscure and interesting names at Roadburn next time.