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Roadburn – Tillburg Holland: FRIDAY

The first day went as planned, but then problems started rolling one by one due to the volcanic burst in Iceland. Bands had serious problems in arriving at Tilburg for example Jesu and Evoken were forced to cancel the gigs at Roadburn. The second day had been named after “Only Death Is Real” by T.G.Warrior and most of bands had personally been invited by Mr. Warrior himself including Jesu and Evoken. After the obvious delay the Japanese Church Of Misery was recruited to kick the second off.

All right the volcanic outburst and clouds of ashes have started having more and more impact on the Roadburn festival. The Japanese serial killer maniacs were moved from another stage to open the second day on the main stage. However the set started app 30 minutes late. That didn’t matter as the Japanese delivered once again an ass-kicking like they did a year earlier at Roadburn The frontman’s hyperactive stage performance was insane. The four piece already proved by being one of the vital and enormous hyperactive on the stage. The groove metal with the obvious Sabbath influences sounded nothing, but brutal and heavy.

Once again back to the Midi theatre to check out another obscure, but not forgotten band from the past, having gathered together after being away for decades. The pre-Pentagram as  Deathrow without Bobby Liebling was definitely the waited one as the Midi Theatre was quite fully packed. Deathrow took the audience into the core of the true doom metal. The heavy guitar sounds rolled when the frontman and mighty Victor Griffin unleashed several doom cult one by one. The drummer Joe Hasselvander having been involved in several other bands, handled the drumming duties behind the small kit. Deathrow truly sounded magical heavy and doomy. The doomy atmosphere could be felt in the Midi Theatre. Deathrow literally blew away and easily. 

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Due to all kinds of unexpected cancellations and schedule hassles Thorr’s Hammer started doing the set meanwhile DeathRow was on the stage of Midi Theater. Therefore catching Thorr’s Hammer, there wasn’t any other choice that just skip a little bit of Deathrow to return to the 013 club. The reunited Thorr’s Hammer was already delivering the slow and real drone slow show. Runhild Gammelsæter’s utter deep “thor” growling sounded quite weird as it sounded the thor word would have continuously been repeated. Well the whole band is basically a brainchild of the Sunn O))) main guys. 

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The old school heavy metal was offered by the NWOBHM veterans Witchfynde in the smaller club environment. Even though the veterans’ album PLAY IT TO DEATH saw the light of day back in 2008, however the material off from debut album GIVE’EM HELL dominated the set of the night. In general the British metal legends sounded metal and looked well …well aged for sure. In general the old school British metal has presented at Roadburn quite well as Angelwitch visited the Roadburn festival last year. 


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Sarke fronted by Nocturno Culto was one of those bands invited by Thomas G. Fischer aka Warrior to Roadburn. The band’s appearance was in the jeopardy because of the volcanic burst in Iceland. However the Norwegian made it and unleashed the black thrashing sonic at Roadburn. Even though the material is more or less influenced by the blackish thrash, however there was obvious punk-ish elements popping up in the material. As for Mr. Culto, obviously he didn’t feel that comfortable on the stage at least that kind of impression his moving created.  


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Apparently one of the most important bands at Roadburn was definitely the new band led by Thomas G Warrior. The second day had been named after “Only Death Is Real” which supposed to consist of bands invented by Mr Warrior himself. Triptykon’s debut is a strong piece of Warrior’s ability to create monstrous riffs and songs. As for the third show of Triptykon, the gig was kicked off by the Crucifixus intro followed by the opening track of the album “Goetia”. Of course a plenty of so called classic Celtic Frost songs played an important role in the set for an obvious reason. Frankly it would have been more than great to have more Triptykon songs in the set such as “A thousand Lies” or brutal heavy “In Shrouds Decayed”. All in all Warrior and V. Santura mostly handled the vocal parts and of course. The special guest was the Sarke/Darkthrone member Nocturnos Ocult doing Dethroned Emperor and even remembered to growl the legendary Ugh –shout. Triptykon sounded heavy and massive!

01. Crucifixus (taped intro)

02. Goetia

03. Babylon Fell

04. Circle Of The Tyrants

05. Abyss Within My Soul

06. Procreation (Of The Wicked)

07. Dethroned Emperor

08. Descendant

09. Necromantical Screams

10. The Usurper

11. Synagoga Satanae

12. The Prolonging

13. Winter

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