Keith Barnes and Dave Winter from SCHIZO REJECT ASYLUM

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Schizo Reject Asylum

Interview and words by

Jo of Altercarnated Photography

12 April 2010

Schizo Reject Asylum are a new metal band formed in late 2009 from South East London.

Band Members are:

Vocals: Rob J Lawrence

Drums: Keith Barnes

Guitar: Rob Ivie

Guitar: Dave Winter

Bass: Adam Evans

Record label: Digital Revolution Records LTD

Keith & Dave were in good spirits today, excited & enthusiastic about their new EP & looking forward to their first upcoming gig, they were also eager to start the interview so they could hit the pub!

Where did the band name originate from and what is the meaning?

Keith: Ahaha I cant even remember where the name popped up, great start ain’t it! Nah, we wanted to take something directional and do what we wanna do on stage.

Dave: The name just summed us all up really! It was just like Schizo Reject Asylum (SRA) are like a symbol for people who have been thrown straight out of an asylum and an escape from the people who are just out to fucking get ya!

Keith: Been in a few bands now so the word reject kinds of sums me up.

Dave: Yeh we’re all fucking rejects ahaha.

Why did you decide to start your own band?

Keith: Why? Cause im really passionate about music. I wanna take us as far as we possible can, I love playing in front of a crowd, been in bands for many years and I love the buzz of being in a band! I get so excited I could feel like I could hit someone (breaks out in laughter). Bring it on!


Were you friends before you decided to set up the band?

Keith: Nah we all fucking hate each other! (both guys crack up laughing)

Dave: I think with some of the other guys they been in bands previously and they all knew each other but they actually found me online, looking for a local guitarist.

How did the Audition go?

Dave: (breaks out in laughter) We all met up & started messaging, chatting and constantly & emailing!

Keith: Yeh I still have those emails!

Dave: Yeh I remember I gave Keith the wrong mobile number! So he’s there trying to contact me and I’m wondering why I’m not hearing from them! Until he emailed me telling me to switch my fucking phone on, then it clicked, he had the wrong number!

(Both guys crack up laughing)

After the audition I got thrown into the deep end with all the questions from the band members making sure I’m committed, not had any drug/alcohol problems, I was like WTF! Then we all played together at practice and we just all gelled.

Who writes the songs & music for the band?

Dave: Probably a mix between myself, Rob and Keith, we all have our own ideas and just bounce off each other. It just seems to work better that way!

What do you like to write about? Lyric wise?

Keith: The vocalist isn’t here at present so we gonna take the piss out of him (both guys crack up laughing). He likes to sing about happiness and flowers, hold hands in a field skipping along to a happy tune! But nahh seriously, due to the name of the band, the first name of the song from the EP – ‘Welcome to the Asylum’ the lyrics ‘take a step, we’ll draw you back’.

Dave: Yeh the main chorus ‘Break Out’!

Keith: "These walls they speak, these walls they bleed!" Its about being trapped and wanting to be released into the city to create havoc! Which we are gonna do!

Dave: Yeh there is other content, a lot of our stuff isn’t just based on one aspect. Our other track ‘Vigilance’ Rob wrote it based on the comic book character ‘The Punisher’, and it worked really well!


What is the ultimate direction for the band in the future?

Keith: Honestly, I just wanna get out there and gig! I love it, when you see the crowd go crazy and you get to see their faces it’s enough to keep pushing you. In some previous bands they seemed lazy but it’s not always about the members, it’s about the fans! If they enjoy the music then it makes us more confident in what we write and pushing us to achieve.

So you guys up for a UK Tour?

Keith: UK? European! Yeh once we get the support needed & the tour bus we can just go for it!

Dave: Yeh with the release of the EP this should give us more fans and the support we need to do this. We already have a really broad fan base, from New Zealand, Australia, America!

Keith: Yeh im sponsored by American Based clothing co Drumstar, they awesome!

Do you have a theme whilst on stage?

Keith: Gimp Masks (starts laughing). Nah, with the name of the band and the direction we can pretty much do what we want with it. I’d like us to be quite dramatic on stage and keep to the asylum theme. We gonna be using the DeadSexy Dolls on stage with us, some sexy nurses on stage with us!

Dave: Hell yeh!

Have you had any gigs yet?

Dave: Not yet, we’ve been using our time and concentrating on the new EP, which will be out soon!

Keith: Luckily things are going really well and we have a lot of promotional material thanks to Digital Revolution Records, they will be shifting out stuff and helping us get noticed!

Dave: As for our first gig we will be playing at The Fox & Firkin in Lewisham on 25th June!

Keith: Yeh we busy whoring out the band at mo, no time for anything else!

So where can people hear your music?

Dave: At the moment you can find us on and also on facebook, we will have our official webpage soon.

Keith: Yeh the old website was shit, so we gonna do a new one so you can view our lovely pics and videos and how much booze we can drink (they start laughing and listing their favourite drinks).

What advice would you give anyone wanting to start their own band?

Keith: Don’t Do It! (Cracks up) So much hassle! Nah really, if you’re passionate about music and dedicated and want to create something that other people will enjoy, then go for it!

Dave: Yeh don’t limit yourself with other members who are all into the same genre, it’s better to have a mixture and keep open minded so you have a good eclectic range. In our band we have a good mixture of genres! Keith loves his punk and indie, I’m a total death head, grind head and a black metal freak!

Keith: Yeh, our bass player is fat! (Both guys crack up at this!)

Dave: We have a power metal guitarist as well, and yeh it just works! You just get different aspects of what everyone is into and it just seems to work.

Keith: Yeh keep all cards on the table and see what comes from it!

The guys were really funny and have great energy, and it was a pleasure to interview them, despite the fact I was dragged to the pub after this! As stated the first official gig will be on 25th June at the Fox & Firkin, keep an eye out for these guys cause I think they gonna be big!