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Reviewed: May 2010
Released: 2006, Self
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Kyle Moore, the Metal Magnus

Of all the things that France is known for, metal isn’t one of them. Perhaps their inherently silky language makes their overall attitudes less susceptible to the metal infection that Scandinavian and Teutonic countries can’t seem to shake. National origins aside, I give all bands a fair shake before I review them, and French thrashers Dreamcatcher were no exception to that impartiality. That aside, Dreamcatcher’s debut EP still sucks, and all the French military victories in the world won’t make it a lick better.

Most of the material here originates in 80s thrash, with dustings of prog metal thrown in. This by itself is no sin, even if the 80s thrash sound has been completely exhausted of all creativity since…the 80s. But when you combine a tin-can production & milquetoast songwriting with what might be the worst metal singer I’ve heard all year, the end results will always equal something awful. No individual song or riff on DREAMCATCHER begins to classify itself as remotely memorable. Speaking generously, the drumming is on the loose side of sloppy. And the tomcattish caterwauling that is Chris’ vocals reminds us why AutoTune was invented (and after hearing this, I’m reassured that it wasn’t for techno and T-Pain.) This poor fellow really struggles to keep his pitch, and his attempts at harmonies and double-tracking are beyond unpleasant. After a single spin of this EP, I dreaded having to listen to it again, despite its merciful brevity.

On the minuscule upside, there are some very nice guitar solos by Geoff and Denver that substantially exceed the rest of the material. With some additional work, these two could eventually create something listenable.. With a new singer and a competent producer, they could stand a chance at making a decent record, but since vocalist Chris is also the bandleader, I find this most unlikely to occur. Dreamcatcher has nothing to offer me, and unless you’re really into scraping the bottom of the 80s thrash barrel, they won’t have anything to offer you either.


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Track Listing:
1.No Way Out
2.People of Darkness
3.I Will Spit on your Grave
4.The Soul Can’t Rest

Chris – Vocals
Guitar – Geoff
Guitar – Denver
Bass – Rado
Drums – Nico


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