IMMORTAL – Live in Montreal, Canada

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Live at Metropolis, Montreal, Canada

March 28, 2010

Live review and pics by Geneviève Hamel


A metallic icestorm hit Montreal on March 28, 2010! The mighty Immortal were back in town after an 8 year long abscence! Surprisingly, the venue was half-empty, as only a little over 1000 persons were present!

Superior Enlightenment was opening, and this new band from Quebec City put on a decent set of black-death metal, which warmed the crowd quite well. There was a little too much blastbeat for my taste but it was good.

Immortal then took the stage, complete with makeup, spikes and smoke! They put on a great show but played way too many new songs off their last album. I know they are touring to support it, but they ommitted a lot of classics, which frustrated a lot of people. No « At the Heart of Winter », no songs from Blizzard Beasts and nothing from the first album! They better make up for this the next they come to town! All in all, the show was cool and the band was in fine form, especialy Abbath who is an incredible frontman, the only one able to look grim and funny at the same time!









         1. All Shall Fall

         2. The Rise of Darkness

         3. Solarfall

         4. Sons of Northern Darkness

         5. Tyrants

         6. Hordes to War

         7. Norden on Fire

         8. Grim and Frostbitten Kingdoms

         9. Pure Holocaust Medley

        10. Unearthly Kingdom

        11. One by One

        12. Withstand the Fall of Time


        13. Beyond the North Waves

        14. Battles in the North

        15. Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)


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