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April 26th 2010 8:08 p.m. El Paso

So, it’s been a while…. Let’s put this shit in order:


Seattle, 19th:

We’d played here before many years ago.  Last time, my Korg Karma broke down; luckily the gear was working perfectly this time. Not too much to tell about this, just chilling and getting some Subway sandwiches.  We had a hotel room as well, so I spent the most of the evening on the couch there, watching hockey.


Portland, 20th:

Woke up kinda late.  Here we had probably one of the worst venues ever: The Satyricon. Somehow we still managed to enjoy ourselves, mostly due to the enthusiastic crowd who really helped us get going. After the show me & Big B (our merch guy) went to Voodoo Dougnuts to get some sweet stuff for the bus.  I’m not into sweets at all but I decided to take the walk just so he wouldn’t have to do it alone.


San Francisco, 21th & 22nd:

We had an off-day before the show here, basically consisting of laundry, going out to eat some Indian food (really excellent, by the way) and hitting the bar for some drinks with Marko & Sol. Oh, and we actually ordered some lasagna to the room during the day, which was the most over-priced piece of shit I have ever had – seriously!  The meat in the thing tasted and looked like pet food… arrgghhh!!!

On show day, we walked to the venue which was just around the corner. During the show, I had a bit of fever (which sucked) but other than that and having to wipe my nose every other song, it all went really great.  Met some people, signed some stuff and jumped on the bus, heading for Santa Ana.


Santa Ana, 23rd:

This was the day we’ve been waiting for. Me & Marko had used a mutual friend of ours to get a booking at the High Voltage Tattoo shop (L.A. Ink, goddamnit!!) with Adam to do some pictures. The bus dropped us + Tommy and Elias off somewhere in Burbank.  Loana from Nuclear Blast picked us up and after a quick food stop we’re at our destination.  They were filming Season 5, I think, so if you’re watching it when it comes out and you see some long-haired dudes in the background…that’s us. 

I went first and it took about 1.5 hours to get my pic done. Marko’s took a bit longer, about 4 hours… this being his first tattoo.  He held up really well and the rest of just hung out and had beer, hiding it under our coats in order not to spoil the shoot or getting kicked out.

Kat von D also entered and did some work for the cameras. Getting hungry upon leaving for Santa Ana, we got to try our first In-N-Out Burgers… really good stuff!!!  After a long day, most of us fell asleep in the car on the way to The Galaxy Theater.  The show went okay.  All in all this was one of the most memorable days on this tour so far.  A big thanks to Sami for hooking us up, and to Adam and everyone at High Voltage for being nice and doing some fucking amazing ink work for us… and to Loana for driving us around and getting us beer.  Hell yeah!!!!


Los Angeles, 24th:

We’d never headlined the House of Blues in Hollywood before, so this was a special night. During the day we had dinner and drinks at some cowboy-type bar across the street, Carlos from our management showed up, so we spent a couple of hours talking business. The show was again a bit on the goofy-side… maybe even too much but sometimes that’s how it goes.  Some quick drinks and off to Arizona.


Mesa, 25th:

We were supposed to go and barbecue with our friends but Marko and I missed it… having stayed up until 11 in the morning, it was a bit much.  The rest of the band went, though, and enjoyed it once again.

Actually, with our new tattoos, staying in the sun or swimming in the pool was out of the question anyway, so we’ll survive. I woke up about one hour before the show. Luckily we weren’t in a hurry, so I still had some time to talk to our friends Jari and Saija.


… Which brings us up to date.  Today I went for a walk with Tony and we did some shopping as well. A sandwich and a shower later, I’m sitting here on the bus with Big B, listening to music and noodling on the computer.  We still have the last stretch to go – this means 6 back-to-back shows and a shitload of driving.




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