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April 18th 2010 3:30 pm Vancouver

Soooo, what’s new? The show in Edmonton totally rocked, and we also got to meet a fellow Finn called Jouni.  He keeps an excellent NHL blog in Finnish so we contacted him and he came out.  It was really nice to talk hockey all evening with a guy who really knows his stuff.  Thanks man!

Yesterday we spent our day in Kamloops once again, since I was up all night talking with our monitor-guy Ville and drinking.  I slept most of the day.  Just a quick stop at the mall, and later most of us went out to dinner.  Probably one of the best dinners so far… sorry, forgot the place.  Just before dinner, I went to the toilet at the restaurant and there was this dude puking in the sink… very nice!!!  The rest of the evening was spent taking a shower, skypeing home and a couple of beers later, I just started watching movies and fell asleep.

Oh, by the way, I found a couple of pics from earlier in the tour: The baseball stadium thing is taken from one of our rooms while staying in Toronto; the dinner pic is me waiting for a burger at the CN-Tower (also in Toronto) and the last pic is us driving towards Kamloops.  Yeah, I know I’m a lazy and shitty photo-dude, but I’ll try to step up and better my ways.

Ok, today is the last show in Canada on this tour.  We still have around two more weeks to go in the U.S. before heading home.  Speaking of which: Y’all probably heard about the volcano eruption and the situation in Europe with most of the airplanes grounded and a whole lot of airports closed.  I hope the situation works out before the end of the tour, otherwise we’ll be stuck in the U.S. indefinitely, which might not be so bad, but I’d rather go home to my family, and I’m sure my band mates agree on that…

Well, enough said.  Today has been quite uneventful so far.  Me, Marko and Tony got some breakfast and that’s about it.




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