Airbourne with Taking Dawn on No Guts No Glory European Tour 2010 at Kulturbolaget in Malmoe, Sweden

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Airbourne – headline act

No Guts No Glory European Tour 2010

Taking Dawn – support act


Malmoe, Sweden

20/3 – 2010


Review and live pictures by Anders Sandvall





The Aussie sensation Airbourne paid Malmoe and Kulturbolaget a visit a few weeks ago. The band is out promoting the new album NO GUTS NO GLORY and even though the album had just arrived to Europe when they did the show in Malmoe, the band out supporting it. The bands highly acclaimed debut album RUNNING WILD came in 2007 and it was a huge success to be modest. Along with some serious touring and hard work the band has built up a solid and loyal fanbase all over the world and it seems like everyone I talk to only has good things to say about Airbourne. The gig in Malmoe had been sold out for several weeks before the gig was to take place so I was prepared for a sweaty and crowded venue. The fact that Kulturbolaget had managed to book the band is just more proof that the club and its bookers are skilled at what they do. This show is probably the last one that the band might do in a venue that takes “only” 750 people.

This Saturday night the venue opened at 20:00, the support act was scheduled at 21:00 and the show was gonna end at 23:30 and that because after the show does the club turn into a night club. I met up with the guys earlier during the day and they were all really friendly and seemed a little embarrassed to see that so many had turned up to get their autographs. I had really high expectations to see the show because I have only seen the band on festivals and on outdoor stages.

When I arrived to the venue later in the evening a long line had formed outside the doors and I met up with my friend that for some reason had to forgot to buy a ticket to the show. He hoped to find someone that wanted to sell a ticket to him at the door. The small bar/restaurant that is placed at the corner of the club and that also is connected to the club had already been filled with people that were eager to see the band. The doors opened pretty fast and when I got into the club I saw that to my relief were there fences in front of the stage. The crowd was mixed and I saw both hard-rockers, older gentlemen, as well as teenagers, and it’s fun to see that hard rock truly unites people across the age barriers. Five minutes before the scheduled the support act went on stage.

Taking Dawn

On each side of the drums did two smaller backdrop hang with the bands name on them. As soon as the four members had walked on stage they started to play but it didn’t seem like the audience was impressed at all. After two songs, most of the people went to the bar or walked out to take a smoke. The bands 80’s American hard rock didn’t appeal to me at all and the singer wasn’t much to cheer for. To be honest, I don’t think that the band gained a lot of new fans this evening. I’m sure they did their best but their music wasn’t right for this type of crowd. Straight after the band had walked off stage after 40 minutes the crew started to prepare the stage for the evening’s headline act.

You could really feel the anticipation amongst the people and everyone looked up on the stage where four white spotlights swept over the stage and the audience. And when the band entered the stage the crowd exploded into screams and cheers.



While the intro played and the smoke circled onto the stage, the four Aussies entered the stage and kicked off the show with “Raise The Flag”. The band members are:

Joel O’Keeffe – lead vocals, guitar

Ryan O’Keeffe – drums

David Roads – guitar, b-vox

Justin Street – bass, b-vox

Joel asked how the fuck we were doing and introduced “Chewin’ The Fat” which was followed by “Hellfire”. Joel walked out on stage without his shirt on right from the start which was a smart move because it didn’t take long before the club was as hot as an oven. Joel used the small ramp in the middle of the stage to run out on during the entire show which was fun for the fans because they then had the chance to touch Joel. Bassist Street also used the ramp quite often. The only one who mostly stood still on his side of the stage was Roads.






Their next song was “Diamond In The Rough” and that only added on to the sweat and to the excitement inside the venue. The band didn’t do any unnecessary stops so it was full speed ahead from the start. “Get Busy Living” and “Girls In Black” followed. The crowd did sing along in each and every song the band played. It didn’t matter if they played an old or new song. Everyone could and did sing a long. During “Girls In Black” Joel ran out on the ramp, jumped down in the photo pit and walked straight through the crowd towards the bar while he was playing. At the bar he jumped up on a barstool and played. Both the bands crew as well as the security from the club looked a bit nervous when Joel ran around. Joel jumped down beside the bar amongst the staff and grabbed a beer before he moved on to the restaurant that lies connected to the club at the corner of the house before it was time to head on back to the stage. While he was doing all this he played a guitar solo. As soon as he was back on stage he opened the beer bottle took a sip and threw it out to the audience before he continued on with the song. It was a long version of the song but a damn good one.

After that excursion followed “What’s Eating You”, “Born To Kill” and “Cheap Wine Cheaper Women”. By now the sweat was poring from the roof and everyone in the audience was ecstatic. The entire crowd sang a long in every song and Joel thanked sincerely for all the support the band got this night.

“Heartbreaker” and “No Way But The Hard Way” continued on the show and during “No Way But The Hard Way” Joel punched beer cans into his head so the beer flooded over him. Joel introduced the next song with telling us that he wrote the song after their performance at Wacken Open Air last year, it was “Back On The Bottle”. The last song on the ordinary set list was “Too Much Too Young Too Fast” and when the song was over Joel only said thank you and the band walked off stage.





The crowd wasn’t satisfied with 70 minutes of Airbourne and screamed for more. When Airbourne entered the stage again Joel thanked everyone for such a warm welcome and he dedicated the first encore “Running Wild” to their friends in Bullet and Bonafide. The total blow out came in the last encore which was the monumental “Stand Up For Rock’n’Roll” and it felt almost like the roof of the club blew off. The fans went totally berserk and a few started to crowd surf. When the last note faded the the show was over. It was a sweaty band that thanked a sweaty audience for an amazing show.


Airbourne delivered a show that something out of the ordinary and it was a while since I attended such a sweaty, whiskey fueled and intense show. Everyone in the venue were really satisfied with the show. The band was amazing on stage and it felt really great to be part of the show. This was probably one of the last time Airbourne will perform at a club. Next time they come to Malmoe they are definitely gonna play at a much larger venue.



Thanks to Emma at Kulturbolaget for help with press/photo pass to the show and as always a huge thank you to the boss of Kulturbolaget Totte Lundgren and the head of press Kristian Kornhage for all help.

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Raise The Flag

Chewin The Fat


Diamond In The Rough

Get Busy Living

Girls In Black

What’s Eating You

Born To Kill

Cheap Wine Cheaper Women


No Way But The Hard Way

Back On The Bottle

To Much Too Young Too Fast


Stand Up For Rock’n’Roll

Running Wild