On The Road With Sonata Arctica – April 16th: Edmonton

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April 16th 2010 1:22pm Edmonton

The Great Off-Day, once again, was as follows: truck-stop, shower-room (didn’t go there), laundry (didn’t do that either), Walmart (bought shitty underwear and ugly t-shirts), McDonalds (had a Big Mac), the bus (watched hockey all night)…. and the weather was fantastic: a bit on the colder side and raining like hell 🙂  Location: Regina, SK Canada.

Yesterday though, we played in Calgary. After the sound check, me & Tony went food hunting and found a nice little Italian place with excellent food. Minestrone soup, pasta, and a shot of amaretto to top it off. On the way back to the venue, I picked up some kebab for Tommy and Elias who where too tired (or lazy, depending on who you ask) to join us for dinner.

Unsurprisingly, I spent the evening watching hockey before going on stage.

We had a loud and excited crowd and for the first time on this tour and we actually had some gear break down.  Elias’ pedal board just started going ape-shit and while his tech Nebi was there working on it.  There was plenty of time for the rest of us to try and entertain the crowd.  We played a some kinda acoustic/comedy version of “Tallulah” and did some other stupid shit and as soon as the stuff was somehow working, we got on with the show.

Had some shots with the support band guys after the show and back in the bus, I realized that we weren’t going anywhere until 09:00 in the morning, I went straight to bed (around 03:00 anyways) and here is why I did that:

Some of the roads (seems to be all the ones we’re taking) up here in Canada are quite bad.  Which brings us to the following: when the bus leaves, usually around 3 or 4 a.m., it’s almost impossible to get some sleep because of the bumping etc.  It really helps that I always sleep on the top bunk where the movement is peaking.  Imagine laying on your stomach with your hands and legs stretched out like Spider-Man just to make sure you don’t fall off the bed.  Now try to sleep… nighty-night.

Maybe I shouldn’t write this stuff when I just got out of bed.  I’m a grumpy man in the morning.  Be that as it may, all clear on the horizon, the sun is shining and tonight’s show will rock !!!




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